Super High Magnification Microscopy


Super High Magnification NANOVISION

Introducing the NANOvision Super High Magnification (SHM) Microscope SYSTEM

The team at Atlantis Life Sciences has developed a super high magnification microscope called Nanovision that will set new industry standards for price and performance, significantly lowering the cost of working in the sub-100 Nanometers space.

The Problem

Traditional light-based microscopes face limitations with a maximum magnification of around 1,500x. The current generation of Super High Magnification (SHM) microscopes are prohibitively expensive, often exceeding $500,000, posing a challenge for organizations, universities, and researchers with budget constraints.

The Solution

Atlantis Life Sciences is addressing this gap by introducing the NANOVISION microscope and extender offering magnifications ranging from 6-23,000x magnification at far more accessible price points.


  • NANOVISION – Microscope – A microscope with a high-resolution camera (6 or 8k options) and light path enhancer providing sub 100┬áNanometers resolution capable of achieving x23,000x magnification
  • NANOVISION – Extender – A super high magnification camera & adapter that transforms existing microscopes into SHM instruments

AI Pathogen Recognition

The Future of Local Low-cost Diagnostic Labs

Lack of access to diagnostics labs in remote communities is delaying the time to obtain a diagnosis which can be life-threatening.

The challenge of identifying pathogens has made live blood microscopy almost obsolete as a diagnostic tool.

AI image recognition can help identify various pathogens, including parasites, mold, bacteria, and viruses. It has already been successfully used for detecting Malaria, and our goal is to apply this technology to a wider range of pathogens.

Current Status

After investing $250,000 in five years of research and development, we are now prepared to build the final prototype and provide non-exclusive licensing opportunities to microscope manufacturers, or launch a joint venture or consortium with other suppliers.


Investors, philanthropists, family offices, UNHWI’s and Governments interested in supporting the launch of these products are encouraged to contact us to discuss how you can help.

With your support, these cutting-edge instruments will soon be available for purchase from Atlantis Microscopes and other microscope manufacturers.

NANOVISION – Video Portfolio

Red Blood Cells

This image was taken using our first Nanovision prototype.


We will launch three products to market in the $10,000 to $50,000 segment. We have no viable competition in this price-performance range.