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We specialise in Wellness, Performance Optimisation & Longevity.

Atlantis Clinic provides a wide range of diagnostics, complementary therapies, supplements and a complete range of wellness products designed to help optimise your health and performance.

Advanced Diagnostics


We specialise in digital diagnostics using ultrasound, 3D-NLS imaging, Zyto, BICOM, SCIO and other biofeedback systems to quickly identfy health issues.

Experienced Team

An international team of doctors, naturopaths and therapists from England, Ireland, Sweden, Germany, Russia & US collaborate with our team in Malta.

Effective Theraputics

Our MEDTRAC Division has been manufacturing wellness devices for over 10 years. We have six products in manufacturing and many more in the pipeline.

Athlete Performance Enhancement

Optimise your performance

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Remote Monitoring, Performance Boost, Rapid Recovery


Full Body Health Check


Our comphehensive digital scan provides early warning of many health issues

Prices: From €100 for a 30 minute diagnostic test to €200 for a Full Body NLS test with treatment plan.

<h2><strong> Full Body Health Check
<h1><strong>Diagnostics </h1></strong>


We use multiple diagnostic systems including BICOM, Zyto, NLS, Scalar and Live blood analysis to determine your health status.


Why should I get a Health Check?


Many clients come to us when they are chronically ill, yet a simple health check can spot issues long before you get any symptoms such as pain.



You are healthy and you want to stay that way. A health check will uncover early health issues that could become acute or chronic at a later stage.


You have an urgent health condition that you need to address. An initial health check will help confirm the issue and the best therapy for recovery.


You have one or more long term chronic health issues and you are looking to see how we can help. Your interested in a health check to confirm therapy priority and options.


More about our many uniques therapies.


90% test positive for EBV Virus

Up to 90% of adults have been infected with EBV, yet few are aware of the devastating consequences of ignoring this virus. Our health scan can help identify if you have an active infection.


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Live Blood Analysis


We all have harmful bacteria, viruses, mould and parasites that can lead to disease if your immune system is unable to keep them in check.

Book a live blood analysis and health scan to find out.

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High Resoluton Microscopy


Our Vitae Nano high resolution optical microscope provides up to x19,000 optical resolution allowing you to see live viruses.

<h1>Ananda PEMF System</h1>

Ananda PEMF System


Our own brand of wellness system using PEMF and Biophotons. Custom versions available for clinics, spas & sport rehabilitation centres


BICOM Therapy


BICOM Bioresonance Therapy from Germany is now available in Malta and Gozo.


Treatments start from  €75
</strong><h1>BICOM Therapy

Please call to find out how we can help you

Diabetes T2 Reversal

Have Type2 Diabetes ?

You can reverse it


Lyme Disease Screening

This disease is typically caught when travelling abroad however it can be contracted in Malta. Our two stage screening test combines a digital screening test with a blood draw lab test in Germany.

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Clinic News

Client Testamonials

  • I had suffered from Endometriosis for about two years and was due to have a hysterectomy operation. During my period I would suffer a lot of pain which was so severe that it kept me away from work on many occasions.

    I had two weeks of treatment given twice a week and was amazed when my period arrived and I had no pain. I have now been told by my consultant that I do not need the operation!

    Anonymous Femail client Age 35
  • I had been unwell for a few days and wasn’t sure if I had COVID-19 or another virus. Atlantis Clinic showed I had a low level corona-virus infection and a number of other co-infections. This allowed me to start therapy before the PCR test confirmed I was positive.  They also confirmed I had a virus in my spine causing back pain that I had suffered with for years. I recovered after 5 days of therapy.

    Ian Rogers, Bournemouth UK
  • I am self-employed and had been off sick for over a week due to severe stomach pain that my doctor could not identify. Atlantis Clinic tested me and found I had Helicobacter Pylori in my stomach, the bacteria that causes ulcers. I obtain treatment and was back to work the next day. 

    Steve Lee – Auckland, NZ
  • I was suffering from a complete health breakdown, virtually unable to walk and had lost 10kg. My doctor in the UK suspected “guessed” I had cancer, unfortunatley this false assumption delayed me recieving the right attention due to an almost complete breakdown in health services during the pandemic. The Atlantis Clinic team worked overnight from Malta to confirm that I had a combination of ECOLI, Helicobacter Pylori bacteria and a number of parasites in my Stomach and Pancreas. They also confirmed that I did not have cancer but was likely to be pre-diabetic. Without their help, I suspect I may not have survived, as there was no effective medical help in the UK from the NHS at that time. The fact that they could remotely diagnose and treat me using a blood sample was hard to believe at first, but im living proof that their techniques work. I now reccomend Atlantis Clinic to anyone I know who has health issues that have not been addressed.

    John Mcguire, Ireland
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