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Atlantis Microscopes Unveils Breakthrough Product: The NANOCAM Super High Magnification microscope system

[Malta, 20th Feb 2024] — Atlantis Microscopes, a specialist in cutting-edge optical solutions, proudly announces NANOCAM, a groundbreaking product development that coverts a standard light microscope to a super high magnification microscope that can resolve down to 100 nanometers.

Leveraging our 15+ years of Super High Magnification (SHM) microscopy, we forged a partnership with several specialist Camera Manufacturers to create an innovative product that combines our Light Path Enhancement (LPE) technology with our partners ultra-high-definition (4 & 8k) cameras.

Introducing the NANOCAM, a revolutionary device designed to transform standard magnification microscopes into a Super High Magnification Microscope, offering unparalleled clarity and precision at a fraction of the cost of existing SHM microscopes.

Traditional light-based microscopes face limitations with a maximum magnification of around 1,500x. Super High Magnification (SHM) microscopes currently available on the market are prohibitively expensive, often exceeding $500,000, posing a challenge for organizations, universities, and researchers with budget constraints.

Atlantis Microscope is addressing this gap by introducing the NANOCAM microscope camera offering magnifications ranging from 6-23,000x and image resolutions of 6k & 8k at far more accessible price points.

Key Features:

  • Converts a standard light-based microscopes into Super High-Resolution microscope
  • Exceptional clarity and precision
  • Suitable for bright field, dark field and fluorescent microscopes 
  • Cost-effective alternative to existing SHM microscopes
  • Ultra-high magnification light path enhancer (10,000x magnification)
  • Sub 100 nano meter resolution
  • A choice of Ultra-high-definition 8k camera options
  • Tucsen, Basler, Andor, Thorlabs, Panasonic, Nikon & RED cameras supported *

“This new offering represents a significant leap forward in microscopy technology,” said Chris Little, Global Head of R&D at Atlantis Microscopes. “The NANOCAM is a testament to our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that redefine industry standards.”

Atlantis Microscopes remains dedicated to advancing scientific discovery through state-of-the-art optical solutions. The NANOCAM is poised to empower researchers, educators, and professionals with unprecedented visual capabilities.

For more information about the NANOCAM and other innovative products, please visit Atlantis Microscope

About Atlantis Microscopes:

Atlantis Microscopes is a developer of advanced optical solutions, committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation in microscopy. With a focus on delivering unparalleled clarity and precision, Atlantis Microscopes continues to shape the future of scientific exploration. We are seeking partners and investors to help bring the NANOCAM to market.

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