Innovators in life sciences, wellness, telemedicine, satellite communications and financial services.

Atlantis Clinic is an integrative wellness center specializing in frequency-based medicine offering comprehensive health assessments & therapeutic interventions. With a dedicated team of seasoned practitioners, we can help address a wide spectrum of health conditions using cutting-edge technology.

Products and Services


A super high magnification microscope platform


Telemedicine, Remote Health Monitoring & Contactless Diagnostics

Products and Services

Atlantis Wellness develops cutting-edge wellness products for the home and wellness market using Biophoton Light and Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequencies (PEMF).

GEMSTAR – Biophoton & PEMF devices for clinics, hospitals, and healthcare centers.

NANOGEM – Wearable devices for remote telehealth monitoring & therapeutics

MAGPAD – Magnetic Vortex therapy – Pain relief and nerve repair

Netlite is our advanced technology solution allowing governments to offer free internet access to remote communities at a fraction of the cost associated with traditional satellite, fiber and mobile communication networks.

Funding research projects carried out by Atlantis Group companies.

A consortium of companies offering financial services to the unbanked communities worldwide including support for offline CBDCs and cryptocurrency fund transfer.

Renewable energy supplier for remote internet, government-funded and commercial projects.