Testimonials from a selection of our clients

Mrs Simone Alamango, Malta

From the minute you enter the ppl working at the clinic make you feel at home and that no matter what symptoms you mention you don’t get brushed off or ridiculed like it happens so many times in normal healthcare clinics.It’s a very advanced holistic approach that sees the person as a whole and therefore a better and more practical solution is likely to be found and worked on. Scans are are progressive assessments too ,they do not just assess you once but see how you are doing with treatment and also check if new disorders ,difficulties,conditions have arisen. Their testing is state of the art and very accurate.

Ms. Tia Analuz Cardoso, Age 36, Malta

It’s an amazing clinic and they are so caring, so attentive, very highly technology, I strongly recommend.

Ernest, Age 30, Malta

Some of their testing and full body scanning with headphones is very interesting and useful. They can also give very good advice when it comes to supplements. For the first ever I felt like somebody was actually trying to help rather than just prescribe something useless or just tell you that you don’t have anything. The clinic is very new so they will keep getting more equipment and staff members. But the first impression is very good.

Charlotte Cuschieri, Malta

What can I say? Mark & Chris are very friendly and they explained every step of the way during my treatment. My treatment was 100% effective and now months later I’m still doing excellent with no flare ups. Can’t recommend them enough.

‌‌Ms C, Age 48, Malta

I had been suffering from a loss of memory for many years and lately it was getting worse and worse to the point where it started getting really worrying. I would have a conversation with someone where I am fully present in the moment however by the evening I would have forgotten what we spoke about.

When I met Chris he explained to me what the problem is and how everything works and than he instructed to me that I will need 2 sessions a week for 4 weeks and that after a couple of weeks I will start seeing a difference. Definitely worth a try I said to myself.

Getting the treatment is like being pampered. An hour of pure bliss. It took me just over 2 and a half weeks to start seeing changes. The more days passed the more I start noticing the differences. It was only once I grabbed a book and started reading is when I realised the massive changes I’m experiencing. I used to read a page and by the end I would be like what have I just read? Now I will understand and remember. I can finally actually read.

I can never recommend enough the team at Atlantis Clinic and I pray that their wellness systems will be available for many more people in need.

George Attard, 65, Malta

l was suffering from a serious bacterial infection in my stomach. l went to my GP and he prescribed meds. I took the course and after 5 days I was still the same. l let another week go by but my stomach was still the same pains and upset stomach. Finally I made an appointment at Atlantis clinic and they used several machines to determine my problems. The therapy began and lasted 3 hours. I then went on the Atlantis Wellness Stress and Pain Progem system which helped my anxiety and pain. The next day my body had taken a turn for the better unbelievably I had no pain and my irritable bowls were back to normal. Thank you for this service. l’m back to normal. Thank you Mark and Chris

Stephen Decelis, 60, Malta – “A life changing experience”.

I had been experiencing fatigue and other unexplainable things, and realised I needed help. I put everything on the back burner for quite a while because I was tired of downing pills for this and that. My wife came across Atlantis Clinic and initially I was sceptic, until I decided there’s nothing to loose here. A month later the results were Life changing. My energy levels have shot up and stayed high improving my mood and interaction with people. I was advised what was putting me down internally, they dealt with it and bang. I feel positive and energetic and look forward to the day ahead. Thanks Mark & Chris, you are worth every minute.‌‌

Miss F Age 35

I had suffered from Endometriosis for about two years and was due to have a hysterectomy operation. During my period I would suffer a lot of pain which was so severe that it kept me away from work on many occasions.

I had two weeks of treatment given twice a week and was amazed when my period arrived and I had no pain. I have now been told by my consultant that I do not need the operation.

Ian Rogers, Age 50, Bournemouth UK

I had been unwell for a few days and wasn’t sure if I had COVID-19 or another virus. Atlantis Clinic showed I had a low level corona-virus infection and a number of other co-infections. This allowed me to start therapy before the PCR test confirmed I was positive. They also confirmed I had a virus in my spine causing back pain that I had suffered with for years.

‌‌Steve Lee, Age 60, From Auckland

I am self-employed and had been off sick for over a week due to severe stomach pain that my doctor could not identify. Atlantis Clinic tested me and found I had Helicobacter Pylori in my stomach, the bacteria that causes ulcers. I obtained treatment and was back to work the next day.

Mr John Mcguire, 59, From Ireland

I was suffering from a complete health breakdown, virtually unable to walk and had lost 10kg. My doctor in the UK suspected “guessed” I had cancer, unfortunately this false assumption delayed me receiving the right attention due to an almost complete breakdown in health services during the pandemic. The Atlantis Clinic team worked overnight from Malta to confirm that I had a combination of ECOLI, Helicobacter Pylori bacteria and a number of parasites in my Stomach and Pancreas. They also confirmed that I did not have cancer but was likely to be pre-diabetic. Without their help, I suspect I may not have survived, as there was no effective medical help in the UK from the NHS at that time. The fact that they could remotely diagnose and treat me using a blood sample was hard to believe at first, but im living proof that their techniques work. I now recommend Atlantis Clinic to anyone I know who has health issues that have not been addressed.‌


I suffered a hit and run traffic accident while I was on my motorbike on the 25th May, 2019.  I was rushed to hospital by ambulance as my right leg had multiple grievous open fractures and a lot of damage to the skin and other tissue. 

I had four fractures including two in the tibia and another two in the fibula.  In hospital, they urgently intervened on my leg with an operation to insert an IM nail in an effort to align the fractured tibia.  Doctors said that it was a difficult reduction.

Three weeks later, they also performed another operation including two skin grafts and a flap to cover the wounds left by the open fractures.

Five and a half weeks after the accident, they released me from hospital.  On release, the orthopaedic specialist told me that due to the type of injuries that I had were mostly due to the high velocity of the impact, I could be looking at non-union of the fractures. 

I then had follow-up x-rays in July and August.  I all three x-rays there was no evidence of healing of the fractures, and this is where I started to get very worried. 

Towards the end of August, I saw my consultant privately and he told me that he would eventually operate on my leg again if the next x-ray scheduled for September, turned out to be the same as the previous ones.

This is when I decided to visit Atlantis Clinic, who were suggested to me by a good friend of mine.  My friend and another person that I knew had both seen them about their injuries before me and they both believed that the fast healing that they experienced was incredible. 

I went around the end of August where they suggested eight sessions of fifty minutes each over a span of four weeks.  I attended all these sessions as suggested by the clinic.  During these sessions, they used a special equipment designed and manufactured by them.  All I had to do was to sit there while the device that emitted light, frequencies and other energies was shining onto my leg. 

On the 25th of September, 2019, I had the last scheduled x-ray before the orthopaedic specialist would operate again but this time the x-ray showed a very good degree of bone healing.  The two orthopaedic specialists who saw the x-ray both confirmed that I was on my way to full fracture recovery and that no further operations were required.

Miss A – Assemblage point move therapy. A set of three therapies in a 90-minute session.

First therapy: I felt calm and lying on a therapy couch in silence was pleasant although my mind was racing with thoughts. But I enjoyed the pleasure of stillness.

Second therapy: I could feel the warmth in my spleen which made me more relaxed.

Third therapy: This was the best feeling, I felt like the weight of feelings got lighter, I could feel myself smiling and my head and neck relaxing. I was sitting straight and as if there was a positive energy shift within me. I have never experienced something like this before and thoroughly enjoyed it.

The therapist guided me through the process at every stage and showed passion and understanding in what this therapy can do for people with trauma.

Thanks Atlantis Clinic

Mr AC 

I had been told by specialists in Italy that the muscles in my left arm were atrophied and would now remain that way. After my first session of Pro-Gem therapy together with massage I found that I had less pain and a little more movement in my arm.

After 6 weeks of 2 therapies each week my arm now has 80 percent mobility back. I am grateful to have received this therapy and would highly recommend it

Mrs E P

I received treatment with Progem equipment for my depression which a Neurologist at a hospital in the UK had diagnosed by stress caused by a broken heart after my divorce.

I have to say that my dark thoughts and low self esteem improved dramatically after I had received Serenity therapy on the first session and in the second session three days later an assemblage point move was carried out. I felt a huge emotional release during this very gentle and amazingly centering experience.

I can recommend this therapy to all who suffer with depression.

Mr D S

I severely damaged my eye whilst running with my dog during which I would throw the dogs lead and on one occasion my eye was damaged when the lead caught on something and it came back and the metal clip hit me in the eye.

My eye was very severely damaged, and I was left with very little vision. I was told by specialists that my eye was inoperable. I was so low and depressed that I dropped out of my university course.                                                                                                                                                               I heard about Progem from a friend and eventually went for a try but had little hope of any help. I was initially treated for depression which lifted my spirits after the first session and even more after an Assemblage Point Move which left me feeling more normal in many respects. After this I had treatments twice a week where my eye was worked on with the equipment. Only light was shone onto my eye from the side. After 5 weeks of this treatment, I had an appointment with my specialist where my eye was examined and I was told that it had improved to the state where it could now be operated on.


I have suffered from Endometriosis for about two years and was due to have a hysterectomy operation. During my period I would suffer a lot of pain which was so severe that it kept me away from work on many occasions. I had two weeks of treatment given twice a week and was amazed when my period arrived and I had no pain. I have now been told by the consultant that I do not need the operation.

Mrs AL

I have been having cluster headaches for many years that seem to come when the weather changes. They can be brought on by stress also.

I have had treatment with the progem equipment and it really does help with many less headaches happening. Wonderful.

Mr A S

I am a sports coach and badly damaged my ankle which left me unable to take part in any sport. I had three sessions with the Progem equipment and the pain and swelling in my ankle has greatly reduced and I am back playing once again. Very many thanks for your help!

Mr J S

I had a bad accident whilst in the Army and involved in the Bosnian conflict where I crushed 3 vertebrae in my spine which resulted in me having 3 feet of steel attached to my spine to hold it together. Since the accident I was suffering from chronic pain even after the operation and have to use elbow crutches for me to be able to get around.  I attended atlantis clinic and after 6 weeks of treatments twice each week I was able to walk without crutches and my pain is very much reduced for which I am so very grateful. 


I have suffered with Asthma since I was a child. It is normally brought on by stress or anxiety and sometimes from inhaling bad fumes. I had treatments 2 times a week and my episodes of attack have been much reduced.  They only seem to happen now if I am very stressed out.

Thank you for all of your help.

Mr A C S

I had a serious car accident where the right-hand side of my brain was severely affected.

This caused the left-hand side of my body to have reduced mobility (about 25% only) and my speech was badly affected. After a course of 6 months of treatment with 2 therapies each week for the first 3 months and 1 therapy a week after that, my mobility and speech was very much better. I believe that my mobility increased to around 85% and my speech by the same amount.  This therapy is amazing!

Mr A S-L

I had a serious strain in my knee from playing football for my local team in the UK. This had stopped me playing as I was in a lot of pain.

After just 2 treatments the pain had gone and I could walk with much less discomfort.

Miss L S

I had suffered with Chronic Fatigues Syndrome for more than 6 years and despite trying many types of therapy I only got temporary relief. At this stage I was not able to work, my periods had stopped and my energy levels were at an all time low. I was recommended to contact a therapist who used Crystal Light energy equipment.

I had one therapy on the first visit and on the second had an assemblage point move.  This was a huge turning point for me. A short time after the move I found my energy levels returning and after a few more weekly therapies even my periods returned.

I would recommend this therapy to anyone that suffers from CFS

Mrs M V

I had a severe foot condition that kept me in pain for much of the day and I was unable to get around without taking Catafast 4 times a day. Even then I could not walk far.  I was told that I needed and operation by the consultant in the hospital.

I was told about the Progem by a friend and decided to try it out. I was treated once a week and after 3 weeks I found that the pain was much less.  I continue to attend for treatments once a week and I no longer even have to take Catafast anymore. I rarely have pain now! An amazing result.


My experience with Atlantis clinic on the Assemblage Point Move with the Progem equipment was amazing.  The feeling afterwards is so central, so peaceful, so pure.  The therapist makes sure you are comfortable and safe during the session.  Also, the session itself it’s not invasive at all.  You just need to be with an open mind and let therapist lead you through the procedure.  I was very impressed to actually felt the Assemblage point shift into place!!!  Such session showed me that we are love and sometimes life can drag us to and unhealthy lifestyle.  Finding the center of your own existence and love is the most powerful tool you can have in life.  


Last summer I had to undergo a small operation yet required to be placed under anesthetic called The Block. The operation was successful but my body area around the site of the operation took at least 6 weeks to clear the anesthetic.  Unfortunately, I realized that my sex drive was also affected.  Having successfully used the Progem to eliminate mild pain from a foot injury I turned to it again in order to regain my sex drive. Following 6 weekly treatments I regained my sex drive back.