Atlantis Renewable Energy is a start-up business with three projects in its portfolio currently looking for funding (trade finance and investment) of $5 million EUR in tranches over 12 months.

BIOdiesel – We are in a strong position to win a contract with one of Europe’s largest waste paper producers with 80 European locations, who currently pay to dispose of waste paper. We will collect paper waste and convert it to biodiesel, using a genetically modified organism that converts paper to biodiesel. This will help large paper waste producers achieve their carbon-neutral targets and reduce the reliance on imported oil. This business will be based in Malta and aim to expand to serve the whole of Europe through a franchise model.

SOLARgen – Our in-house designed solar power generator converts sunlight to electricity and hot water using a reflective dish, similar to a satellite ariel. A 1m dish is expected to generate sufficient energy to power the average home, combining hot water and heating. The simple but effective technology is so efficient, that it even works under cloud cover and in low sunlight countries. The cost to produce this technology is far lower than conventional solar panels.

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SOLARFarm – Following the success of this model in Sweden, we will create a partnership between banks and commercial land and property owners to install solar panels, including our own SOLARgen system. We are looking for affiliated banks to fund the capital outlay. This removes the need for the commercial land/property owner to commit capital while letting them benefit from free energy. Recent increases in fuel costs improve the ROI of this proposition. We will initially develop this model in Malta and then expand to other countries based upon a detailed analysis with an external consultancy specialising in green energy.