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The Atlantis Foundation is a US 501c non-profit currently under formation that will fund research projects focusing on Super High-Resolution AI Enhanced Microscopy, Telemedicine, Diagnostics & Therapeutics.

Research Projects

The following research projects require funding:

Research Project Status$mMore
Nanovision MicroscopeFunding 0.25Click Here
AI Pathogen RecognitionFunding 1.50Click Here
Contactless Diagnostics Funding 0.50
Diagnostics Cubicles Initiation1.25
Remote Health Monitoring & DiagnosticsInitiation1.50
Diabetes Therapeutics Initiation0.50
Dementia Therapeutics Initiation0.50
Audio Therapeutics Initiation0.50

The research projects will be managed by experienced project managers who will form project teams of academics, scientists, PhD’s and students from multiple countries with oversight from a steering committee and programme director.

Featured Projects

Nanovision Microscope

The Nanovision Super High Magnification (SHM) Microscope

The NanoVision Super High Magnification (SHM) Microscope project aims to revolutionize microscopy by introducing a Microscope that surpasses current magnification limits revealing sub-50 micron resolution at a disruptive price. The prototype achieved a magnification of x10,000, revealing living viruses. The project, focusing on Image Path Enhancement (IPE) technology, aims to democratize access to high-resolution microscopy. It seeks $0.25 funding for the final R&D stage to complete the production-ready model and progress to the commercial exploitation stage.


This research project aims to use AI and SHM microscopy to enhance pathogen detection through live blood analysis, utilizing NanoVision SHM Microscope, VR headset technology, and real-time AI Image Recognition. The integration of these technologies aims to revolutionize pathogen detection, addressing the scarcity of microscopists and diagnostic laboratories globally. The objective is to develop AI image recognition for pathogens, including parasites, bacteria, and viruses, with magnification capabilities below 1 Micron. The project is in the startup and fundraising phase, seeking sponsorships and research funding of USD $1.5 million to establish a small research team to develop a working prototype. The ultimate goal is to democratize pathogen detection, especially in developing countries, and improve health outcomes globally.

Med Tech Research

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Donations & Research Grants

We cordially invite non-governmental organizations, philanthropists, family offices, ultra-high-net-worth individuals, and government entities capable of offering research grants and financial support to make contact with us.

Your vital assistance will be instrumental in the fruition of these projects, leading to significant progress in scientific research and enhancing the lives of numerous individuals battling long-term health conditions.