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Lyme Disease

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How Widespread is Lyme ?

In 2024, a published report estimated that 16% of the global population has been exposed to Lyme Disease bacteria which can be life-threatening if left untreated. In Switzerland, in rural locations, a separate report stated that 80% of the population tested positive for Lyme Disease.

There are over 200 known symptoms of Lyme disease which makes diagnosis extremely difficult, and in many countries, doctors and GP’s are not trained to detect the condition, so many people suffer needlessly for years. To make matters worse, many of the tests used are not sensitive enough and can provide misleading (False Negative/Positive) results.

Do I have Lyme Disease?

Atlantis Clinic has developed a low-cost risk-based approach to Lyme Disease testing that uses the best test systems we could find anywhere in the world coupled with the best laboratory in Europe for Lyme Disease lab tests.

We advise our clients to follow a four-stage approach:

2Screening Test275 Euro
3Labs TestFrom 500 Euro
4TherapyDepends on option chosen

1. Questionnaire – Determine your risk by symptom analysis

If you believe you may have Lyme Disease or would just like to rule it out, we advise you to complete the free online Questionnaire above developed by Dr Horrowitz, a US Lyme literate medical doctor (known as an LLMD).

This test will help determine if you have any of the symptoms commonly associated with Lyme disease.

This will provide a score of the severity of your Symptoms. If you score 20 and above we suggest you request a screening test (Step 2)

Please note this questionnaire is not a conclusive test. You could still score “unlikely” (under 24 points) in this questionnaire and be infected with Lyme (known as asymptomatic infection). You could also have another disease, such as Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) or Cytomegalovirus (CMV) which can have overlapping symptoms.

Many people who have been exposed to the Lyme disease bacteria have few or no symptoms at first. The condition can remain asymptomatic for years, and then flair up at a later date when your immune system is compromised.

It is much easier to treat Lyme disease when you have fewer symptoms, so if you think you may have been exposed to this bacteria, arrange a screening test, as the consequences of delay can be serious.

2. Atlantis Clinic – Tick Born Infection Screening Test – 275 Euro

If you scored more than 20 in the questionnaire above, we recommend taking our bioresonance screening test to further assess the potential risk of infection. If your score is below 20, you can still choose to undergo a screening test for added peace of mind.

If there is a history of Lyme disease in your family, we strongly advise clients to consider the screening test.

Our screening test is based upon bioresonance and offers a simple quick assessment of current and past Lyme disease and many of its associated co-infections. With over a decade of experience assisting patients with this condition, we offer one of the most comprehensive and lowest-cost tests on the market. Utilizing seven distinct tests, our screening assesses the likelihood of Lyme Disease and over 15 common co-infections, including Babesia, Bartonella, Rickettsia, Mycoplasma, and Anaplasma.

By using seven discreet tests, the risk of a false positive (Type 2 error) is mathematically calculated to be less than 0.1%.

We charge EURO 275 for this test which can be carried out in the clinic or remotely (please ask for a remote test kit).

3. Labarotory Test – Armin Labs GMBH

If your score from Step 1 is above 25, or our screening test suggests a high likelihood of infection, we recommend obtaining a laboratory test.

Through careful evaluation of the marketplace, we determined that Arminlabs, a specialized tick-born infection lab in Germany is the most reliable test lab. The name of Lyme Disease in Germany is Borreliosis.

We are suppliers of the Arminlabs test kits and can help with the selection of the necessary tests.

We can arrange a blood draw and dispatch via UPS to the lab in Germany, or you can do this yourself with local medical personal.

We offer a 23% discount on Arminlabs tests for our clients who have completed our Screening Test.

We recommend that most clients take the following Tests:

  • Tickplex Plus – This covers a broad range of pathogens (see below)
  • Elispsot – Borrelia
  • CD57
  • Other tests as advised by our screening test

Tickplex Plus

Tickplex Plus


Include the CD57+ test along with Borreliosis and co-infections.


For further information about ArminLabs: ArminLabs I MVZ für Integrative Diagnostik & Medizin GmbH, branch practice | Contact Us

UK Lyme Testing

We do not advise relying upon a UK Lyme Disease test as they are believed to be inaccurate for early and late-stage Lyme disease.

The UK government grants licensing to the UK Military Bioweapons Lab at Porton Down for Lyme disease testing. However, there exists a confessed financial conflict of interest between this lab and its current test kit supplier, hindering the adoption of more accurate testing methods. Until this government-operated lab switches to a more reliable test kit supplier, it is strongly recommended to avoid relying on Lyme tests conducted in the UK. Tragically, misinformation and deliberate interference in the medical diagnosis process by this lab has resulted in unnecessary deaths and suffering by patients denied treatment due to their incompetence & malfeasance.

Individuals tested in the UK with symptoms who received a negative Lyme Test are advised to undergo further screening tests with Atlantis Clinic and/or Armin Labs.

MALTA Lyme Testing

In Malta, your GP or hospital will routinely send your blood to the UK for Lyme disease testing, however, our personal bitter experience has been that the UK test results are unreliable and should not be trusted. If you receive a negative test result and still have unexplained symptoms or a diagnosis that doesn’t respond to therapy, please contact us to discuss a screening test.

4. Therapy Choice

If testing shows you have Lyme Disease and co-infections, you will need to decide on the most appropriate treatment option. There are many ways to treat Lyme disease, and here are some of the most common approaches.

  1. Self Treatment – Typically using Diet, Herbs and natural supplements – Least cost but a lower chance of therapy success
  2. Local GP and Hospital – Low cost but important that you find a doctor with training and experience in this pathogen
  3. Natural Health Clinic – Many exist that know how to treat Lyme disease such as Atlantis Clinic in Malta
  4. Lyme Literate Naturopath – Germany, Poland, Thailand, Mexico, Sweden, Australia
  5. Lyme Literate Medical Doctor – US, Belgium and Germany

Atlantis Clinic

Atlantis Clinic works with experienced Naturopaths, Doctors and Labs in Malta, Thailand, US, UK, Ireland, Germany, Sweden and Mexico to keep abreast of the latest treatments and therapies available.

Please contact us to find out more about our services for Lyme Disease as we can tailor a therapy approach to your priorities, location and budget.

Further Information

For more information on Lyme Disease, visit our dedicated Lyme Disease website and Facebook Page with over 2000 members.

LymeClear Protocol

Information on the LymeClear Protocol can be found here.