AI Pathogen Recognition Project

This research project aims to use AI-enhanced pathogen detection through live blood analysis, utilizing NanoVision SHM Microscope, VR headset technology, and real-time AI Image Recognition. The integration of these technologies aims to revolutionize pathogen detection, addressing the scarcity of microscopists and diagnostic laboratories globally. The objective is to develop AI image recognition for pathogens, including parasites, bacteria, and viruses, with magnification below 1 Micron. The project is in the startup and fundraising phase, seeking sponsorships and research funding of USD $1.5 million to establish a small research team to develop a working prototype. The ultimate goal is to democratize pathogen detection, especially in developing countries, and improve health outcomes globally.

Medical Disclaimer

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Lyme Disease

The prevalence of Lyme Disease is increasing globally – Do you suspect you have it? A recent report stated that 16% of the global population is affected by Lyme Disease. In parts of Europe, another report found that 80% of the population has antibodies to Lyme disease. Atlantis Scientific, working in conjunction with Atlantis Clinic …