Vitamin C & Iodine

Vitamin C & Iodine

Vitamin C & Iodine – Tutorial by Dr Sarah Myhill

Reader Comment:

Yesterday my wife Olena got the message that she is sick with COVID-19. She has been sick for some 4 weeks up and down. I have been with her half the time. I had her cough directly to my face at nights. I had a couple of times when I felt like getting sick and I immediately ate 10-14 grams of ascorbic acid (Vitamin C). I have used ascorbic acid for almost a year, so I know my body’s reactions to ascorbic acid and how to dose it properly.

She has not consistently taken high doses of ascorbic acid because doctors advised against it. Olena’s family doctor told her to do s computer tomography (CT) but no medical center agreed to admit her after knowing her symptoms. She found one private clinic that agreed to conduct a CT. The result was not good and they also measured her blood oxygen saturation, SpO2, to 85% which indicate Hypoxemia. Olena was strongly recommended by her family doctor to call the ambulence to be taken to the central city infection hostital. We desided not to do so and start the treatment that we know is relieble to boost the immune system.

Now she eats the ascorbic acid that I make of pure powder in 2 gram capsules. 12 grams immediately in the morning when her SpO2 is around 93-94% and then 4-7 grams every hour during the day – when I hear her cough I give her 1-3 capsules 😉 We have an Oximeter and we check her SpO2, several times during the day. Her SpO2 is back to normal (96-98%), rare coughing, no fever and very little pain in the body. Along with ascorbic acid Olena also gets vitamin D and B complex plus magnesium.

FYI, we use this protocol:

I can also highly recommend this google doc presenting an overview of the research documenting the effects of Vitamin C:

If you want to try this then I very strongly recommend you to reach out to doctors that are experienced in using high dose vitamin C for their advise and guidance.
I am not a doctor!

Without ascorbic acid she developes an intentive cough, feeling bad, having a fever 37,3+, and pain in her sinuses, neck and chest. She can sit but hardly do something and use a computer.

With ascorbic acid there’s almost no coughing, she has a little pain in her head and neck/chest, she walks around and talks on the phone / in Zoom, and cooks absolutely wonderful food for us while laughing.

I see these changes with my own eyes, and I have no doubt that that it works.
The effect of ascorbic acid comes and goes fast. That is why she gets several small doses through the day reaching a total of around 80 grams per 24 hours.

I am so happy that we have power and remedies to keep her in good condition, at least for this time being! <3 ☺