Toxoplasmosis & Bipolar


Toxoplasmosis: The Hidden Enemy Within

Toxoplasmosis is one of the most common parasite infections in humans, with over 40 million Americans currently infected, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). It’s estimated that 30% of the global population is infected with Toxoplasmosis.

After the initial infection – which may act like flu, food poisoning, or be totally asymptomatic – this parasite travels to brain and muscle tissue where it forms into cysts and can stay, undetected, for the rest of your life.

Previously, toxoplasmosis was thought to live in your tissues long-term and cause no harm, but it may actually be the missing link in many mental health disorders.

Decades of research have been done into the behavioral connection to even a mild infection with toxoplasmosis, linking this parasite to depression, anxiety, impulsivity, anger, aggression, rage, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, epilepsy, autism, neurodegenerative diseases, and even certain cancers. And mice have only recently shown us how this could be happening.

It’s Not All In Your Head

It’s a common misconception that all mental illness originates in the brain. The truth is, our microbiome – the collection of microorganisms living inside of us – sends and receives messages to and from our digestive and nervous systems, and makes 90 percent of the neurotransmitters that determine our moods and mental health. All it takes is one bad bug – like toxoplasma – to upset the whole balance and change our moods, mental health, and even our personalities.

Toxoplasma is the reason pregnant women are advised not to handle a cat’s litter box – infection with it can cause severe neurological problems in the developing fetus. Cats are the only known host in which this parasite can reproduce, and they shed the eggs into whatever they use as their litter box. Once you or your food touches that cat litter or contaminated soil, these microscopic eggs pass on to you. If you don’t wash yourself or your food well, or contaminated meat and shellfish are undercooked, the parasite eggs live and you become infected, and this infection does travel to the fetus in a pregnant woman.

Biologically, it’s the same with mice, but researchers noticed something interesting – once a mouse is infected with toxoplasmosis, it’s no longer afraid of its most notorious predator, the cat. This greatly benefits the toxoplasma parasite, because the infected mouse is eaten by the cat – the only known host where this parasite can reproduce and continue its life cycle. Researchers from the University of Leeds discovered what’s behind their strange behavior, and it begins to explain why toxoplasmosis affects human behavior so dramatically.

Once you are infected through your digestive system, this parasite quickly goes to work on your nervous by changing the way your brain sends and receives signals, by altering the quantities of over 300 proteins needed for those signals. One of the signals interrupted involves glutamate, and malfunctions in this area of signal processing are associated with depression, schizophrenia, and autism.

The changes to your brain metabolism don’t end there. Not only do these immune reactions increase inflammation and change the messages going to your brain, it also changes the levels of one very important neurotransmitter – dopamine. Researchers found this parasite dramatically increases your dopamine levels, which changes how you control movement and behavior, regulate emotional responses, and increased stimulation to your pleasure-seeking and reward centers, much like addictive substances do. The increase in dopamine explains why the mice were no longer afraid of their cat predators, and may shed light on disorders like schizophrenia, Bi-polar, ADHD, autism, and neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s.

by Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS Mar 26, 2019

Toxoplasma gondii and Schizophrenia

Recent epidemiologic studies indicate that infectious agents may contribute to some cases of schizophrenia. In animals, infection with Toxoplasma gondii can alter behavior and neurotransmitter function. In humans, acute infection with T. gondii can produce psychotic symptoms similar to those displayed by persons with schizophrenia.

The Warning Signs of Schizophrenia: What You Need to Know


Atlantis Clinic offers the following treatment protocol for Toxoplasmosis and Bipolar :

  1. Healthchecks Session – We first determine if you have Toxoplasmosis by running four tests. We also determine if you have any other pathogens that could have resulted in bipolar like EBV and Lyme disease which are known to cause Bipolar and other DSM5 conditions. We look for two or three out of four positive test results and will arrange for external lab tests to provide an independent confirmation if required. Once we have confirmed the presence of Toxoplasmosis and other pathogens, we customise a protocol to meet the patients needs. This may include some or all of the therapies below.
  2. Allopathic Medication – There are two drugs that can tried to treat this parasite.
  3. Pyschiatrist – Our psychiatrist will ensure you are given the most supportive medication available and that there are no contradictions with natural health suppliments. If you have bipolar we can treat for Bi-Polar and if you are low on Lithium we will help you suppliment this key mineral. As your condition improves, we will support your withdrawal from medications that are no longer required.
  4. Antiparasite Cleanse – We have several protocols that you can adopt from a 10 day water fast based cleanse and a paleo diet based cleanse. Refer to LymeClear Protocol for more information.
  5. Cleanse Your Microbiome. More than toxoplasma may be hiding in your microbiome causing trouble. Once inflammation sets in, it’s more difficult for your immune system to fight off these foreign invaders. We recommend a thorough cleanse to combat these hidden hitchhikers with gentle yet effective herbs, and repopulate with safe probiotics.
    1. UNI KEY Health’s My Colon Cleansing Kit, which contains herbs that target not only adult parasites but parasite eggs, and contains their Flora-Key probiotic that repopulates with healthy bacteria to help restore healthy neurotransmitter production.
    2. We also suggest  Para-Key 
  6. Essential Oils – Three essential oils have been found to help inhibit toxoplasma infection. Thyme oil was found to be effective against brain cysts in mice, nutmeg oil was comparable to antibiotics in its testing, and black cumin seed essential oil reduced the transmission of toxoplasmosis and slowed its progression in studies that were done.
  7. Anti-Parasitic Food . Cultures all around the world have added foods to their diets that naturally inhibit and fight parasitic infections. These include Daikon radish, garlic, radicchio, papaya, pineapple, pumpkin seeds, pomegranate, turmeric root, coconut, ginger, cayenne pepper, carrots, and lemon are all delicious, powerful anti-parasitic foods to incorporate into your daily diet, not just during cleanses.
  8. Bioresonance Treatment – This therapy reduces life force of the parasite make it easier for your immune sysem to clear them naturally, while boosting the energy of organs that have been damaged, so they can repair faster. We also provide support for detoxification of your liver, kidneys and blabber to make it easier to detotify the “die off”. If you have an actve EBV (Epstein Barr Virus) infection, toxoplasmosis or other pathogens including deinetoaba fragilis, we will ensure all of these pathogesns are addressed together.
  9. PEMF Therapy – To boost the organs, improve the immune system and help reduce any pain or stress.
  10. SCALAR Treament – An effective way to vibrate the pathognes at high frequency so they break up and are detected and cleared by your immune system. Important to detoxify at the same time.
  11. CBD – Will help reduce pain and stress and minimise the effect of toxins. Dr Andrew Agius a specialist in pain can prescribe CBD/THC strains that best suit a clients need. Anti-bacterial Anti Parasitical & Anti-pain.
  12. Detoxification – Multiple tools are used to support detoxification. Amonia can be released when parasites die off and this is highly toxic, so we must ensure you are taking adequate detoxifrication measures to prevent a build up.
  13. FAR Infrared Sauna – To help your detoxif all the pathogens, we will find you a suitable therpay grade spa to ehlpe swea out the toxins.
  14. Inflammation – We reccomend taking several products to reduce the imflamation including Glutahione.
  15. Oxygen Treatment – Its important your brain gets adequate oxygen to help kill pathogens. The hyperbaric chamber infuses your body with oxygen that will improve your stamina and help reduce your pathogen load.
  16. Diet & Nutrition – Our in house nutritionist will help you select the most appropriate diet that will support the removal of pathogens.
  17. Lab Healthchecks – We will arrange a complete blood count (CBC) and live blood analysis by a top blood scientist.
  18. Malta Retreat – We have an arrangement where you can spend time at a purpose built retreat at Chadwick Lakes in Malta (when opened in 2022).
  19. Hormone Balance Doctor – Our hormone expert docor can help you rebalance your hormones which are often impacted by chronic illness and especiually viruses like EBV and by methalation issues.
  20. Talk Therapy – This is designed to help bring up and release the trauma from being ill so that it can no longer takes your energy. We help you focus on the future and re-build your life plans/goals without the illness.
  21. Brain State Therapy – We offer brain balance therapy from Cereset developed by the US Military for soldiers with PTSD. Helps balance the energy in the brain and remap and damaged neurons.
  22. Immune System Boost – We work with you to improve your immune system so that your less likely to be infected in future. This is key to preventing a relapse, as its often impossible to remove all traces of a pathogen.
  23. Methalations Checks – The MTFHR gene can lead to oestrogen dominance and mental health problems including Bipolar.