Come and visit the best-equipped clinic in Malta with more than fourteen integrative therapies available at our Mellieha clinic. We can help with everyday problems as well as difficult-to-diagnose and treat conditions.

BICOM Bioresonance Therapy

With over 500 therapies to choose from, we can provide many beneficial therapies for common health conditions. The BICOM can use the patient’s own bodily substances to create a therapy removing the need to identify the exact conditions present to support recovery. This system works well for removing pathogens, helping with detoxification while boosting the body’s energy systems: Chakras, Meridians, and Organs.

Scalar & Plasma Therapy

The Scalar and Plasma system offers non-invasive contactless PEMF therapy that helps with acute and chronic health conditions. Subject to regulatory approval and a medical license, we plan to offer this as an integrative service to oncology teams as a supportive therapy to existing treatments.

Zyto Therapy

Zyto offers multiple therapy options and can also be used for remote clients who purchase the hand cradle. A US FDA-approved system that has support for thousands of health products. We can find the best health product to improve your health.

PEMF Sound & Light Therapy

Our own in-house developed wellness product PRO-GEM has been on the market for 15 years. It delivers a range of therapies combining PEMF pulsed frequency therapy, gemstone-activated light, and binaural sounds delivering effective therapies for many conditions. It can dramatically reduce recovery times and can be used in conjunction with medical hospitals as an integrative therapy.

Low-Level Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields (PEMF) can be very effective in the treatment of stress, depression, and general anxiety without the side effects that medications can cause. PEMF low-level pulsed magnetic fields excite the brain’s neurons which allows them to dispense their own natural chemicals like organic Dopamine helping to balance out deficiencies and restore normal brain functions.

NLS Therapy

Therapies include cellular-level therapy, Litho Therapy, Phyto Therapy & MetaTherapy.

Allergy Treatment

Food and Chemical allergies can be reversed using desensitisation therapy. Patients with severe allergies have been helped. We advise regular checkups and top-up therapy to maintain relief.

Assemblage Point Alignment (Energy Centre)

Theta healing therapy has profound results for many clients, especially for Trauma.

Bio-Magnet Pair Therapy

Developed by a Spanish doctor Goez, Magnetic Pair therapy helps remove pain and to help with many hundreds of conditions.

Nutritional Therapy

Our affiliated nutritionists can help you select the most appropriate diet taking into consideration your blood type, allergies, weight goals, and any health conditions like Diabetes, low weight etc.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

A hypobaric Chamber allows oxygen to be infused into your bloodstream and is proven to help recover from many diseases. Further details are available upon request. We don’t have this in-house but can arrange it for you should you need this therapy.

Future Therapies Planned

Infrared Therapy

The VIOFOR offers far, medium & near-infrared therapy which offers many health benefits, especially helpful for the detoxification of heavy metals and other difficult-to-excrete toxins. By combining three infrared spectrums (Far, Medium & Near) we achieve the highest possible benefits.

Hydrogen & Ozone Therapy

Molecular Hydrogen & Ozone Therapy will be added as we expand the clinic in 2023, offering new treatments and therapies. Further details are available upon request. Subject to medical license regulatory approval in 2023.

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