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Anonmous Business Client, femail aged 48, Malta

I had been suffering from a loss of memory for many years and lately it was getting worse and worse to the point where it started getting really worrying. I would have a conversation with someone where I am fully present in the moment however by the evening I would have forgotten what we spoke about.

When I met Chris he explained to me what the problem is and how everything works and than he instructed to me that I will need 2 sessions a week for 4 weeks and that after a couple of weeks I will start seeing a difference. Definitely worth a try I said to myself.

Getting the treatment is like being pampered. An hour of pure bliss. It took me just over 2 and a half weeks to start seeing changes. The more days passed the more I start noticing the differences. It was only once I grabbed a book and started reading is when I realised the massive changes I’m experiencing. I used to read a page and by the end I would be like what have I just read? Now I will understand and remember. I can finally actually read.

I can never recommend enough the work of Chris at Atlantis Clinic and I pray that their wellness systems will be available for many more people in need.

George Attard, 65, Malta

l was suffering from a serious bacterial infection in my stomach. l went to my GP and he prescribed meds. I took the course and after 5 days I was still the same. l let another week go by but my stomach was still the same pains and upset stomach. Finally I made an appointment at Atlantis clinic and they used several machines to deermine my problems. The therapy began and lasted 3 hours. I then went on the Ananda stress and pain Serenity system which helped my anxiety and pain. The next day my body had taken a turn for the better unbelievably I had no pain and my irritable bowls were back to normal. Thank you for this service. l’m back to normal. Thank you Mark and Chris

Stephen Decelis, 60, Malta

A life changing experience.

What am I saying ? I had been experiencing fatigue and other unexplainable things, and realised I needed help. I put everything on the back burner for quite a while because I was tired of downing pills for this and that. My wife came across Atlantis Clinic and initially I was sceptic, until I decided there’s nothing to loose here. A month later the results were Life changing. My energy levels have shot up and stayed high improving my mood and interaction with people. I was advised what was putting me down internally, they dealt with it and bang. I feel positive and energetic and look forward to the day ahead. Thanks Mark & Chris, you are worth every minute.

Anonymous Femail client Age 35

I had suffered from Endometriosis for about two years and was due to have a hysterectomy operation. During my period I would suffer a lot of pain which was so severe that it kept me away from work on many occasions.

I had two weeks of treatment given twice a week and was amazed when my period arrived and I had no pain. I have now been told by my consultant that I do not need the operation!

Ian Rogers, 50, Bournemouth UK

I had been unwell for a few days and wasn’t sure if I had COVID-19 or another virus. Atlantis Clinic showed I had a low level corona-virus infection and a number of other co-infections. This allowed me to start therapy before the PCR test confirmed I was positive.  They also confirmed I had a virus in my spine causing back pain that I had suffered with for years.

Steve Lee, Age 60, Auckland, NZ

I am self-employed and had been off sick for over a week due to severe stomach pain that my doctor could not identify. Atlantis Clinic tested me and found I had Helicobacter Pylori in my stomach, the bacteria that causes ulcers. I obtained treatment and was back to work the next day. 

John Mcguire, 59, Ireland

I was suffering from a complete health breakdown, virtually unable to walk and had lost 10kg. My doctor in the UK suspected “guessed” I had cancer, unfortunatley this false assumption delayed me recieving the right attention due to an almost complete breakdown in health services during the pandemic. The Atlantis Clinic team worked overnight from Malta to confirm that I had a combination of ECOLI, Helicobacter Pylori bacteria and a number of parasites in my Stomach and Pancreas. They also confirmed that I did not have cancer but was likely to be pre-diabetic. Without their help, I suspect I may not have survived, as there was no effective medical help in the UK from the NHS at that time. The fact that they could remotely diagnose and treat me using a blood sample was hard to believe at first, but im living proof that their techniques work. I now reccomend Atlantis Clinic to anyone I know who has health issues that have not been addressed.

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