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Training Videos – To Purchase from supplier (See free Youtubes first)

User Guides on specific conditions

Operational Overview

Step 1 – Launch the Software – Set Power Options defaults for the remote users. No need for a harness.

Add sex after details

Step 2 – Add a Patient – Name, DOB & POB – No need for blood or a photo. Blood if you have it.

Step 3 – Calibrate – Every Patient needed – Takes 5 mins


Whihc Option ?

Step 4 – Run Test – Takes 5 mins to scan thousands of homeopathic sarcodes. Look at <25 and >90-100 scores.

If less than 85 run again RECTIFY – Always do dissapate Karma for every session from NLP

Run Unconc chiice to find tehrapy to run then run

Step 5 – Risk Profile – Look at <25 (Chronic Issues long term) and >100 (The highest Priority issues)

Step 6 – Run Therapies from pgms menu

Step 7 – Close Therapy session and rectify ALL

Step 8 – Shutdown machine and restart (to prevent lockups)

To get graph use Make Emotions chart then Show Emotions then therapy

This is the main menu

Thursday for 3 weeks.

Sat Sat – 6th –