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    Our therapist products are aimed at the growing clinic, wellness, spa & beauty services market. A unique blend of usability and low price point. Biophoton PEMF & energised gemstone Light Treatment helps reduce pain and is helpful for hundreds of conditions.

Product or Service NamePictureRetail Price
1. ProGem
€1,450 to
2. HomeGem – Three PEMF models designed for use at home. B2C sales.
3. MEDTRAC Nano-Gem – A wearable device programmed to give PEMF & Gem Light therapy for specific conditions. B2C sales.
4. Vitae Nano Super High-Resolution Microscopy
A unique ultra-high 24,000x magnification light microscope device suitable for home, school, medical & lab use. When launched, this will be the highest magnification and lowest cost light microscope on the market. Over €250k Investment in the R&D phase to date. Retail Pricing is from €30,000+. Licensing or Manufacturing options.
5. Vitae Nano Microscope Extender – B2B & B2C
A unique 3.3 x Microscope extender that can achieve 8,000 resolution using a 1,000x standard brightfield microscope. Other more powerful models will be made available post-launch. Ready for manufacturing. Retail price €1,500-1,800 Euros.

6. MEDTRAC Elite (Healthchecks & Therapy) B2C
Our home-based healthcheck & treatment product is integrated with our mobile application and digital lab, removing the need for unreliable low specificity wet lab healthcheck tests for many health complaints. The demand for home Healthchecks and therapies is expected to grow rapidly as technology advances, usability improves and manufacturing costs reduce. This system is controlled by a built-in computer and touchscreen, removing the need for a separate laptop computer. It will offer a range of adapters offering Biophoton, Plasma, and Scalar healing. This will be the most advanced home treatment system available on the market when launched, and the only one with a built-in Healthchecks capability, making a unique groundbreaking proposition. The entry-level device supports remote Healthchecks and a high-end version will include an integrated NLS system. Retail price €1,200-3,600 Euros.
7. MEDTRAC Clinic – Healthchecks & Therapy – B2B
A combination of our Biophoton technology with an Integrated NLS device will offer advanced Healthchecks and make the selection of treatments straightforward. Aimed at health clinics, spas, doctors’ surgeries and small hospitals. Retail Price from €30,000 Euros. This will be offered via resellers and finance partners providing lease-purchase or rental options.
8. MEDTRAC Digital Lab & Mobile App – B2C
A high-volume mobile phone-based Healthchecks service offering a freemium mobile application (app) that offers both free and low-cost automated lab-based testing. The app provides voice analysis and symptom-based Healthchecks. A premium in-app upgrade will offer further tests including our mail-in DNA-based lab testing. Robotics and AI will allow the service to scale to support 100k+ clients per test lab while keeping costs low. This service will promote our Medtrac Home and wearable devices.
Add RobotFrom €50 per test

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