Wholeness Alignment Process – Event 16th August 2022


Attend Sue Cimino’s Wholeness Alignment Process (WAP) is a potentially life-changing process that gives you the opportunity to clear hostorical issues and help you make important choices for your future. Click on the video picture below to play the vide (28 mins) for more information and then decide if you want to go ahead.




Part 1 – Introduction & Setup Prerequisite
Sue shares her remarkable life story, leaving work as an accountant to follow a mystical calling to Tasmania. There she connected with a “Circle of Consciousness Involved with Creation” that showed her how to heal herself from Lyme disease, and gave her important messages about humanity and what is needed for it to flourish. Through these communications, the Wholeness Alignment emerged, a life changing protocol that enables you to embrace your Wholeness, reclaim your sovereignty, and make quantum leaps into your most exciting and fulfilling future.

You must watch an intro video prior to the Alignment session so you understand the process and can decide if this is right for you. Click on the video link below.

Once you have seen this video, and decided if you wish to attend, please buy the product here you will be provided with registration details. Once you have registered for the Zoom event, you will be provided with the conference call details.

Part 2 – Wholeness Alignment Process
Sue will offer us this life-changing process, giving us the opportunity to make important choices for ourselves, like:
– Aligning fully with our Divine Self and clearing anything which does not align,-
– Breaking and unraveling karmic or soul agreements that cause us to suffer or keep us stuck in old patterns,
– Breaking collective agreements that have been binding humanity for eons,
– Clearing subconscious baggage and blocks to Wholeness including past life bleed through, and
– Resetting the physical body to optimal functioning and clearing out any nasties.
These choices will enable you to make breakthroughs in your life and health, and empower you to move forward with ease and grace. Let us know if you can’t make these dates and want to be invited to a future process.
FOR PART 2 – It is important to be present the entire time (abt 2.5 hrs). Please choose a session where this is possible. You will need to be comfortable and undisturbed. There will be a brief break mid-way through.


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