MEDTRAC Progem – Degenerated Cells



MEDTRAC Progem Degenerted Cells

NOW AVAILABLE FOR Treating Degenerated Cells                 

Our therapist products are aimed at the growing clinic, wellness, spa, beauty & veterinary market. A unique blend of usability and low price point.

The effects of a 30, 45 or 60-minute session can last for many days depending on the client’s way of life. THE Progem uses PEMF technology and is very gentle to use and gets very good results. The equipment is state of the art and has touchscreen technology for ease of use. The serenity program has a remote sounder system that alerts your staff that the therapy has ended. This allows staff to work on another client.

This product comes with 5 treatments and the ability to create custom treatments.

  • Pain
  • Stress                  
  • Immune Boost           
  • Degen 1
  • Degen 2

Separate Gem-cups are supplied as standard for each of the treatments above.

A robust stand is supplied as standard item.



THE Progem program uses PEMF technology which will reduce stress for your clients and will help to relieve their anxiety.

The effects of a 30, 45 or 60-minute session can last for many days depending on the client’s way of life.

This type of equipment has been used successfully by the team for their clients for over 15 years.

WHY THE PROGEM Degenerated Cells Device ?

  • PEMF treatments are very well researched and scientifically documented They have long been known to be beneficial for the human body!
  • We use frequencies to deliver the therapies that are natural brainwave frequencies that control your body 24 hours a day. For the Stress program we also use the 174Hz frequency which is well known to produce a calm state of mind and can also ease the pain.
  • The Serenity program is truly amazing to experience. This wonderful therapy will bring your clients to a state of relaxation and calmness that they will have not experienced before. For those clients that are suffering from stress and or anxiety, this therapy is an amazing answer to their problems. The wonderful feeling that is experienced can last for many days depending on the client’s lifestyle.
  • We use a unique blend of natural crystals created by mother nature. These are gently resonated by the energy of the frequencies and they give out their own magnificent healing energies.
  • All five programs of the device are very gentle. Nothing physically touches the client only the gentle energy from the light heads
  • There are no parts of the equipment that will require replacing in normal use. It is guaranteed for 12 months and is designed to last for many years!



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