Fybromyalgia Package




The fybromyalgia package offers an extensive range of test and treatments that aims reduce symptoms and minimise MS flair-ups.

We constanlty research the latest development in treatment therapies and look to bring them to the clinic so you can find out which therapies minimise your symptoms the most.

As everyone responds differently to therapies. The duration of your illness is a key factor in your recovery, its not possible to gauge how well you will respond to any specific treatment however once we have carriedout extensive diagnostics, we will be able to determine if any treatments are going to have a high probability of success.

We would expect at least 75% of our MF clients to obtain a moderate to significant reduction in their symptoms, although clearly no guarantee can be provided given the myriad of factors involved. You will have a much better understanding of the illness and feel happy that you were able to try out a number of new therapies as part of this programme. Noting ventured nothing gained.

Two of our therpaists have worked with MS Patients for over 10 years and have had a good degree of success treating this condition.

Please refer to our website for more information on this condition and the treatments in this package.


  1.  Onboarding to the programme
  2.  Diagnostic Testing
  3.  Treatments with 4 Therapists
  4.  Progress Report
  5.  Follow up meeting or letter to your doctor
  6.  Reccomendation on next steps





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