PHA Malta – Mission

PHA Malta – Mission

Do you want to be part of one of the fastest growing, people led, non-profit organisations in the world?

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Many PHA hubs are opening across the world, including Malta, UK, US, Australia and New Zealand.

In the UK, where the PHA started in 2022, close to 30 hubs are already supporting people in their local area ranging from drop in clinics to community events, fundraisers, first aid courses and creating virtual networks of practitioners. Approximately 65 hub groups have formed and are at varying stages of development, 10 have physical premises to work from and another 6 are close to securing premises.

Website –

Currently under construction, it will look something like this…….


Links to PHA Social Media and news

PHA Malta Startup Group

This is a Telegram Group to join if you want to support the startup the PHA Malta. Volunteers needed. You can inquire how you can help here.

PHA Malta Public Telegram Group

This is the PHA Malta Telegram group set up by the founders of PHA. This telegram group is aimed at the public. The group is aimed at the public to find out about local therapists and events.

PHA Malta

The Malta PHA Website will put everyone in the health space in Malta on the map. This will show the public who is available nearby, a little like google maps, the PHA have developed a geolocation website template that we will use. This will make it easy to find people with specific skills in Malta. Site Under Construction.

Facebook – PHA Malta

The Facebook page to find out about local therapists and events in Malta. This has content also first available on the public Telegram and our website.

Instagram – Malta PHA

TwitterMalta PHA

PHA UK Website

The People’s Health Alliance – For The People, by The People (

The original PHA website

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