MEDTRAC Super High Magnification Microscopes

Our sister company MEDTRAC has designed two super-high-resolution (SHR) microscopy products ranging from 9-24k magnification. A low cost of manufacturing will allow these to be priced far lower than the competition which will expand the market for such microscopes.

These products are ready for licensing and volume manufacturing.

  1. The first product is a complete microscope offering 24K magnification. Proof of Concept stage. A unique ultra-high 24,000x magnification light microscope device suitable for home, school, university & medical/scientific lab use.
  2. The second product extends an existing microscope up to 9k magnification. A low-cost way of entering SHR microscopy. Ready for manufacturing. Suitable for home, school, university, scientific & medical lab use.

1. MEDTRAC 24k Super High-Resolution Microscope

When launched, this will be the lowest price super high magnification light microscope on the market.

Over €250k Investment in the R&D phase to date.

Retail Pricing is expected from €30,000+.

Licenses are available for third parties to manufacture this product under their own brand name.

2. MEDTRAC – 9k Super High-Resolution Microscope Extender