LymeClear Plus Home Overview

Lymeclear Plus is a personalised protocol that is tailored to the individual in order to treat Lyme Disease and co-infections.

We searched for 10 years to find the best Lyme Disease treatments available from around the world and packaged them into LymeClear Plus.

We combine the best of conventional allopathic medicine with Naturopathic, Ayurvedic (Indian) and Frequency therapies to create a personalised, flexible and reasonable priced solution than can be completed at home, in a clinic or retreat.

We bring together a global team of specialists to support your recovery from this debilitating illness.

This is a home based protocol with remote support from specialists including remote diagnostics using NLS, BICOM & SCIO diagnostics systems.


There are three phases to LymeClear Plus:

Discounted Special Offer – €599 (Nomally €999)

This is a limited time offer open to those taking part in our early adoption programme and will soon revert to the normal price.

This is a combination of two products:

  1. LymeClear (From home – See retreat option)
  2. Frequency Therapy (Remote and at home)

Please note there are additional costs for products to purchase in LymeClear Home. Please refer to these products for more details.

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1. Mark Christian – Atlantis Clinic Lyme Specialist – Diagnostician
2. Matt Calleja – Nutrition, Detox, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy – Matt is a Lyme Survivor
3. Chris Little – Immune System and General Health
4. Paul Keenan – LymeClear Protocol founder and author – Paul is a Lyme survivor
5. Dr Paul Boland – Bioresonance and Lyme treatment specialist

Additional Support

Depending on the clients needs, we will obtain specialist support from the following:

1. Jess Armine – Functional Medicine doctor and Lyme Specialist (US)
2. Jonathan Cohen – IV Clinic and Lyme Specialist (London)
3. Dr Boris Kanger – A diabetes Specialist (Sweden)
4. Dr Andrew Agius – A pain specialist (Malta)