Lyme Treatment Overview

We develop a personalised protocol tailored to the individual to treat Lyme Disease and co-infections.

We searched for 10 years to find the best Lyme Disease treatments available worldwide and packaged them into the Atlantis Clinic Lyme Treatment Protocol.

We combined the best conventional (allopathic medicine) with Naturopathic, Ayurvedic (Indian) and Energy Medicine to create a personalised, flexible and reasonable-priced solution to remove Lyme and co-infections.

We bring together a global team of specialists to support your recovery from this debilitating illness.

This Programme includes therapy at your home and in our clinic.

There are several phases to our Lyme Treatment Protocol :

Stage 1 – Diagnostics

We first confirm if you have Lyme disease and any of the many co-infections including Bartonella, Ricketsia, Babesia, Anaplasma, Mycoplasma and many others. We utilise three separate testing systems to maximise the reliability of our testing. We know the best Labs in Europe / USA and can organise a Blood draw and lab test, should you wish to obtain an external lab confirmation. Despite what you may have been told, many commerical Lab tests for Lyme are inaccurate and are basically are just a complete waste of money, they just test for antibodies that often dont exist if you have just been infected or have been suffering with Lyme for years.

We can test for 26 strains of Lyme (Borrelia see below).

Stage 2 – Preparation Stage

This stage last 4-8 weeks and prepares the client

  • Education / Briefing
  • Heal the Gut
  • Kill Parasites
  • Short Fasts
  • Remove Co-infection Pathogens

Stage 3 – Lyme Clear at Home (Paleo Diet)

For this stage, we introduce you to the Lymeclear protocol developed in conjunction with Wellness Paul based in Thailand. Paul is a Naturopath and author who was trained by an Indian Ayurvedic Guru, and they came across a protocol

Stage 4 – Lyme Clear Retreat (10-Day Water Fast)

This phase is based upon a 10-day fast with natural products taken from Day 3 which will clear most parasites and Lyme bacteria.

Due to the rapid die-off of pathogens, this is a supervised and monitored activity where you have a member of our team available 24×7. You will stay in your own home and/or local hotel accommodation in Mellieha.

  • 10 Days Water Fast (Unless medical conditions prevent it, then the Paleo diet is best)
  • Supervised 24×7
  • Up to 3 hours of therapies available per day included
  • Full spa facilities are available nearby
  • Short 5-minute bus or taxi to the sea
  • For the first 4 days, you will feel like sleeping a lot, and then your energy comes back
  • We suggest adding a couple of days to the end of the retreat to enjoy Malta
  • This phase cannot be undertaken without completing Phase 3 which will prepare you mentally and physically for the retreat.

Phase 5 – Gut Repair

This is typically an 8 – 12 week period where you repair the damage done in your gut. This helps build up your immunity and prevent a future re-occurrence.

Discounted Special Offer – €599 (Normally €2000)

This is a limited-time offer open to those taking part in the Lyme Clear programme at a discounted Price.

Please note there are additional costs and products to purchase LymeClear Home.

Please refer to these products for more details.

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The core team at Atlantis Clinic will take care of your needs.

1. Mark Christian – Atlantis Clinic Lyme Specialist

2. Chris Little – Immune System and PEMF Specialist

Additional Support

Depending on the client’s needs, we can obtain specialist support from the following:

  • Dr Boris Kanger – A diabetes Specialist (Sweden)
  • Dr Andrew Agius – A pain specialist (Malta)
  • Dr Paul Boland – Bioresonance and Lyme treatment specialist
  • Dr Jess Armine – Functional Medicine doctor and Lyme Specialist (US)
  • Paul Keenan – LymeClear Protocol founder and author – Paul is a Lyme survivor
  • Jonathan Cohen – IV Clinic and Lyme Specialist (London)