The MEDTRAC Group is at the forefront of the energy medicine revolution that started in the 1930s. A disruptive change is about to take place in the Healthcare sector, similar to the transition the recording industry experienced moving from pre-recorded music to digital streaming services, such as Spotify and Youtube music. The initial fear and resistance to the new MP3 compressed audio technology was gradually replaced by acceptance of technological change which resulted in the streaming music services largely replacing pre-recorded CDs, tapes and analogue records.

The healthcare industry is expected to undergo a similar transition as the outdated pharmaceutical model is replaced by new technology including nanotech, artificial intelligence and frequency medicine.

Nearly 40 per cent of adults report using complementary and alternative medicine. Medical Doctors are combining them with mainstream medical therapies — spawning the term “integrative medicine.”   Source: Mayo Clinic.

The MEDTRAC Group are well placed to exploit both integrative and energy medicine with a range of innovative technologies, spanning high powered microscopes to wearable treatment devices.

We predict that within a five years, advances in frequency medicine, mobile sensors, artifical intelligence and wearable devices will allow us to create diagnostic and theraputic devices that can both prevent and cure 70% of human health conditions.



There are currently three companies in the Atlantis Group :

1. ATLANTIS CLINIC – A clinic specialising in Integrative Frequency Medicine offering a wide range of diagnostic and treatment options to clients in Malta and overseas. Recognised to be a leader in its field, Atlantis Clinic uses leading wellness technologies from around the world alongside our MEDTRAC product range. We work closely with the local hospitals and doctors to provide Frequency Medicine to the local and international community.

2. MEDTRAC – This is our manufacturing and high volume lab company producing energy-based wellness and diagnostic products that exploit plasma, scalar, biophoton, PEMF, magnetism, and Infrared energy-based therapies.

3. ATLANTIS ENERGY SYSTEMS – Our green renewable energy business is progressing with three will offer products and services.

BIOdiesel – We are likely to win a contract with one of Europes largest waist paper producers with 80 locations, who currently pay to dispose of waist paper. We will collect this waist and convert it to biodiesel at several to help the compay achieve their carbon neutral target.

SOLARgen – Our in house designed solar power generator converts sunlight to electiricy and hot water using a reflective dish, similar to a satelite ariel. A 1m dish is expected to generate sufficient energy to power the average home, combining hot water and heating. The simple but effective technology is so efficient it even works under cloud cover and in low sunlight countries.

SOLARFarm – Following a succesfull swedish model, we will create a partnership between banks and commercial land owners to install solar panel and wind farms including our own SOLARgen system. The bank will fund the capital outlay we will share the pwoer generation revenues with the land owner and the bank.

The Team

The team have many decades of experience in wellness systems, electronics manufacturing, health care, pharma, medical product manufacturing, clinic construction, naturopathy, complementary medicine, information technology, engineering, nutrition, fitness, neural balancing.

The team are supported by scientists and doctors who provide technical support to the company.

The core team of three have experience designing and building clinics in the UK and Malta and has helped more than 4,000 clients with their health over the last 20 years.

The MEDTRAC group is composed of two entities at present :

Atlantis Clinic

Atlantis is an integrative (both allopathic & naturopathic) clinic offering a wide range of diagnostics and therapies to our Maltese clients, medical tourists and international clients.

Our business plan is to develop the Atlantis Clinic concept in Malta and then expand to other countries on a franchise basis. This will help drive sales of the MEDTRAC brands through an affiliated group of distributors.

The Atlantis Clinic provides a suitable setting to demonstrate MEDTRAC products, carry out field trials and guide new product designs based upon real-world customer demand.

We use real-time diagnostic technology that provides unparalleled image quality and insight into disease processes. We have over 10 therapeutic devices that offer thousands of therapies for numerous illnesses.

Atlantis clinic uses NLS systems to help identify the root cause of illness.

The Atlantis Clinic team have been working with representatives of the Malta Tourism Authority for more than 2 years to position Malta as leading health tourism destination. We expect this initiative to start generating revenue from Q3 2022.

The clinic will use wellness products from leading suppliers as well as MEDTRAC’s own products to support the health, quality of life and longevity of our clients.

Subject to regulatory approval and with experienced and qualified medical supervision, we plan to offer hospitals an adjunctive therapy based upon the German Oncotherm system that can kill tumours through heat and energy transfer.

Adddictions – The clinic intends to offer an addiction recovery service for those who need support eliminating addictions of all kinds from their life. Our tobacco, alcohol, gambling & drug recovery service will be offered in conjunction with local businesses, charities and government agencies to help subsidise the running costs, allowing people who need this therapy to attend without having to fund treatment.

Our equipment helps detox harmful substances from the body which minimises cravings experienced during withdrawal from substances, making recovery far less stressful. Other therapies help to reduce stress and remove the triggers that lead to addiction, which is often a genetically pre-determined condition.


MEDTRAC is a digital healthcare company based in UK & Malta offering cutting edge diagnostic and therapeutic products.

We have merged three seperate business units with existing products to crate a larger more dynamic company. We have both existing products in manufacture and new prototypes in the pipline to launch.

We plan to submit multiple patents to protect our intellectual property and commercial lead in contactless diagnostics and high magnification microscopy.

There are currently three brands that are being merged under the Medtrac company as follows:

A range of PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequency) based products including wearable, home and clinic models. A unique blend of usability and low price point. Manufacturing is currently in Germany & UK, however, that is under review.

There are currently three product ranges including :

Product NameRetail Price
ProGem – Three models aimed at specific markets:

1. Clinic
2. Spa
3. Beauty

Biophoton PEMF Light Treatment helps reduce pain and is helpful for hundreds of conditions.

HomeGem – Two models designed for use at homeHomeGem PEMF System4,00
Nano-Gem – A wearable device programmed for specific conditions. 400


High-Resolution Microscopy Devices

There are two products that are ready for volume manufacturing :

Vitae Nano Microscope – A unique ultra-high 19,000x magnification light microscope device suitable for home, school, medical & lab use. The highest magnifiction light microscope on the market. Over €250k Investment in the R&D phae. Retail Pricing from €4-6,000.

Vitae Nano Microscope – 19,000x Resolution – Working Prototype

Vitae Nano Microscope Extender – A unique 3.3 x Microscope extender that can achieve 6,000 resolution using a 1,500 resolution base micropscope. Others more powerful models will also be made available. Retail price €800 – €1200 Euros.

Vitae Nano Microscope Extender – 3.3x Magnification

#3 – MEDTRAC Digital Health

Diagnostic and treatment equipment and services are aimed at both B2C clients & B2B (clinics and hospitals).

Three products exist at present, all are in the prototype stage

Medtrac Home

Our new home-based diagnostic product range will provide integration with mobile phone technology and AI, removing the need for medical intervention for many less serious health complaints. The demand for home diagnostics and therapies is expected to grow rapidly as technology (already available today) advances, usability improves and manufacturing costs reduce making it available to a far larger market.

Medtrac Clinic

A combination of our existing Ananda Biophoton technology updated with a built in microprocessor and touchscreen. It will support Biophoton, Plasma and Scalar healing. An Integrated NLS device will offer advanced diagnostics and make selection of treatments straighforward. Aimed at health clinics, spa’s, doctors surgeries and small hospitals. Retail Price from €30,000 Euros.

Medtrac Digital Lab

A high volume mobile phone based diagnostics service based upon a fremium mobile application that offers free and low cost online testing. The app provides voice, vision and symptoms based diagnostics and a premium mail in DNA testing lab. Robotics and AI will allow the service to scale to support 100k+ clients. This service will promote our Medtrac Home and wearable devices and make them available to clients as part on an integrted diagnostics and treatment service.


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Based on our growth projections and cash flow forecast, we have conservatively estimated the group of three companies to be worth €15m (million) by end of 2022. The product manufacturing and medical tourism revenue streams will see the greatest growth.

We are looking for a total investment of €5m million (Euros) in tranches to grow the businesses.

Up to 33% of our stock is available at this stage.

Round A: A further 20% of company stock will be available.

Steering group roles are available for larger investors.

A NASDAQ floatation is planned in years five to seven subject to prevailing conditions, however, a trade sale may be considered subject to shareholder approval after year 4.

Our holding company will be based in Cyprus to optimise the European corporate tax structure.

We would be happy to take you through a short presentation of the business which can be followed by a more in-depth look at the business case and a product evaluation in Malta.

We can provide a due diligence pack if you are ready to proceed with an investment.

We look forward to hearing from you shortly and hope to be able to introduce you to the team as our latest investor.