MEDTRAC is at the forefront of the energy medicine revolution that started in the 1930s. A disruptive change is taking place in the healthcare sector, similar to the transition that the recording industry experienced, moving from pre-recorded music to digital streaming services (ie. Spotify and YouTube music).

The healthcare industry based upon a 120-year-old pharmaceutical & surgery business model will be gradually augmented by Frequency Medicine, Nanotech & Artificial Intelligence.

Nearly 40 per cent of adult’s report using complementary and alternative medicine. Medical Doctors are combining them with mainstream medical therapies — spawning the term “integrative medicine.”   Source: Mayo Clinic.

MEDTRAC is well placed to exploit both integrative healthcare and energy medicine with a range of innovative technologies, spanning high-powered microscopes to wearable treatment devices.

We predict that within ten years, advances in frequency medicine, mobile sensors, artificial intelligence and wearable devices will result in healthcheck and therapeutic devices that can prevent many human health conditions.



The team have many decades of experience in wellness systems, electronics manufacturing, health care, pharma, medical product manufacturing, clinic construction, naturopathy, complementary medicine, information technology, engineering, nutrition, fitness, and neural balancing.

The team are supported by a growing number of scientists and doctors who provide technical support and guidance to the company.

The core team have experience designing and building clinics in the UK and Malta and has helped more than 2,000 clients with their health over the last 20 years.


The MEDTRAC group will be composed of two companies:

1. Atlantis Clinic

ATLANTIS CLINIC specialises in PEMF frequency therapy offering a wide range of services to clients in Malta and overseas, with corporates, executives, athletes and sports teams.

Atlantis Clinic uses the leading global wellness technologies as well as our own MEDTRAC wellness products developed in-house.

We can offer integrative (both allopathic & naturopathic) at-home, at-distance and in-clinic services to hospitals, retreats, clinics, international corporate and private clients.

Our business plan is to develop the Atlantis Clinic concept in Malta and then expand to other countries on a franchise basis. This approach will allow rapid expansion and drive sales of the MEDTRAC product brands through an affiliated group of distributors and clinics.

The Atlantis Clinic provides a suitable setting to demonstrate MEDTRAC products, carry out field trials and guide new product designs based on real-world customer demand.

We use multiple real-time healthcheck technologies that provide unparalleled image quality to help determine the exact nature and cause of disease.

The Atlantis Clinic team have been working with representatives of the Malta Tourism Authority for more than 2 years – they are positioning Malta as a leading health tourism destination.

Subject to regulatory approval, we plan to offer hospitals and their clients an integrative oncology service.

In collaboration with Zakari Retreat, Atlantis Clinic intends to offer an addiction recovery service for those who need help eliminating addictions of all kinds from their life. Our tobacco, alcohol, gambling & drug recovery service will be offered in conjunction with local businesses, charities and government agencies to help subsidise the running costs, allowing people who need this therapy to attend without having to fund treatment.

Our equipment helps detox harmful substances from the body which minimises cravings experienced during withdrawal from substances, making recovery far less stressful. Other therapies help to reduce stress and remove the triggers that lead to addiction, which is often a genetically pre-determined condition.


MEDTRAC is a scientific instrument and wellness product manufacturing company specialising in Super High Magnification Microscopy, PEMF based wellness devices and contactless non-invasive Healthchecks.

Medtrac has a diverse range of products in its portfolio with several product in manufacturing and others in the R&D phase.

Product Overview

Our portfolio of products includes eight products, with multiple models in the range. The first four are ready for volume production.

  • ProGem – Biophoton PEMF Light Treatment
  • HomeGem – Three PEMF models designed for use at home.
  • NanoGem – A wearable PEMF & Gem Light therapy device
  • Elite – home-based therapeutic system
  • Clinic – Biophoton PEMF technology with integrated Healthchecks
  • Digital Health – A high-volume mobile phone-based Healthchecks service

Further details can be found here.


We are looking for a total investment of €5m million (Euros) in tranches to grow the business. Up to 40% of the company’s equity is available for investors.

A NASDAQ floatation is planned for 2027 subject to prevailing conditions; however, a trade sale may be considered subject to shareholder approval after year 4.

Based on our growth projections and cash flow forecast, we have conservatively estimated the company to be valued at €10m (million) by end of 2023.

If you would like to learn more, we suggest a short zoom presentation which can be followed by a more in-depth look at the business case.