Epstein Barr Virus (EBV)


If you think you may have Epstein Barr Virus (aka EBV, Mono & Glandular fever) please call us to discuss as we have many years of experience treating this condition.
EBV is a serious illness when it becomes “chronic-activated” and is notoriously difficult to treat successfully.

We have come across many people who have suffered from this disease all their life and have been given misleading diagnoses including CFS/ME, Chronic Fatigue, MS, Fibromyalgia, and Lyme Disease when it was really EBV that was the cause of their illness.

We estimate that over 40% of our clients have chronic active EBV infections (Known as CA-EBV) and one-quarter of these are suffering poor quality of life as a result of not treating this virus. The vast majority have no idea they are affected and blame their symptoms on old age.

Atlantis Clinic has developed an effective and proven EBV diagnostics and treatment protocol that will help the vast majority of patients with this condition.

Treatment Overview

How long does it take to treat EBV? – Some clients need only a few weeks of treatment while others can take up to three months. The duration of treatment depends on their viral load, how well they adapt to treatment, frequency of treatment, taking supplements, willpower & their success in implementing lifestyle changes.

Some people can shift the virus in 2 weeks, while others take 4-6. You should notice improvements after 4-7 days. Long-term severe chronic cases will take longer (and cost more) however, we can spread this cost out over six months to make it more affordable should that and we can advise on ways to minimise the cost.

Here is an overview of our approach that can be carried out either exclusively from home or a mixture of in our Clinic and at Home.

  • Diagnostic Testing – We will find out if you are suffering from any other conditions that could be weakening or diverting your immune system. We can confirm EBV using multiple diagnostic systems including lab testing in Germany. We suggest a retest after two treatments to confirm your EBV levels are reducing.
  • Diet Changes – Reduce the foods that feed the virus, and increase the ones that inhibit virus replication (See Kasia Kines EBV Book). Once you have shifted this virus, you need to maintain a maintenance regime to prevent it from flaring up in future, and diet is the main weapon of choice.
  • Supplements – Take supplements that inhibit virus replication (Click this Link). Not everyone can handle too many supplements. Some have to be taken on their own, and others when you eat.
  • Frequency Treatment – We suggest three initial treatments on consecutive days or every other day from our clinic. This should reduce your pathogen load considerable and allow us to determine if you need more treatment or a maintenance dose to keep the pathogen inactive.
    • Plasma Treatment – Very effective at reducing the viral pathogen load
    • Bioresonance Treatment – Reduces the pathogen activity
    • PEMF treatment (To boost the immune system and reduce stress)
    • BioMagnetic Pair Treatment – Two treatments to eliminate known virus reservoirs
    • Assemblage Point Move, Theta Therapy & Zyto EVOX Therapy (For Emotions/Trauma)
  • Herbal Mixture – Herbs are known to reduce EBV (Optional, we will advise)
  • Essential Oils – Oils can suppress viruses and reduce stress (Optional, we will advise)
  • Lifestyle Changes – There are many things you can do to help your recovery including reducing stress, regular light exercise, saunas, detoxing, stopping smoking, doing yoga, meditations, reducing caffeine & alcohol plus eliminating toxic substances (Flouride, Aluminimum from deodorant, makeup, detergents, chemicals and any other toxic or addictive substances)
  • Detox – Drink plenty of water 2-4 litres per day. Have some detoxification products available.
  • Educate Yourself – We recommend buying the following book from Dr Kasia Kines and Medical Medium. This covers the Diet & Supplements in great detail. Understanding the condition and what you can do about it is key.
  • Emotion & Trauma – These cause illness in over 50% of our patients. They reduce the energy for recovery, so it’s important to address trauma and negative emotions as part of your treatment plan.
  • Chiropractor / Osteopath Alignment Check – Important as any alignment issues will sap your strength and delay recovery.

How much does it cost to treat this illness? It really depends on so many factors that will determine the length of your therapy as described above. The costs are typically €300 for diagnostic testing and €600-1000 for treatment, plus you will need to take some supplements, so allow €100-150 for 3 months supply. OK so the bad news is it will probably cost over one thousand Euros to clear EBV, but the upside is you will feel so much better. Once you have achieved this, you will need to maintain a “maintenance program” to make sure it doesn’t flare up again. The good news is you are more likely to spot it coming back, and will be better equipped to deal with any reactivation in future.

If you read the books suggested, you will find out that many people are reported to have cleared EBV with diet changes and supplements on their own, but we suspect it takes a lot longer.

Home Treatment

To speed up your recovery, you can receive remote (distant) treatment or we can provide a home-based unit that you manage yourself at home. Please ask as there are several options with different price points and levels of complexity.

More About Magnetic Therapy

There are several known locations that act as reservoirs for the EBV virus that we inactivate with Bicom, Plasma, and Magnetic Pair therapy.