Health Checks

We have one of the best-equipped digital clinics available in Europe with multiple complementary health systems including BICOM, NLS and Zyto systems.

We strongly believe that obtaining a detailed understanding of the client’s health is key to their recovery and maintaining good health.

We are happy to provide you with a remote HealthCheck service over Zoom or you can come to our clinic.

After testing we develop personalised therapy plans for each client to suit their specific needs, priorities & therapy preferences.

1. BICOM Testing & Therapy

BICOM (Also known as BRT Therapy or Bioresonance Therapy) was developed in Germany in the 1970s by REGUMED and now offers one of the most complete therapy solutions available today. With over 500 therapies to choose from, we are able to offer supportive and complementary therapies for 99% of health conditions. The BICOM can use the patient’s own bodily substances to create personalised therapies to help recovery. We are the only clinic in Malta & Gozo offering this service.

Price: Testing starts at €50 per test panel and €75 per treatment.

2. NLS Testing & Therapy

The NLS system technology was developed for the space program by a team of award-winning Ph.D.’s.

The NLS system provides a detailed image of organs and slices/cuts showing the extent of many pathogens and disease progression within the human body. This unique tool provides information to help your therapist, naturopath or doctor determine the best treatment options.

For hospitals dealing with antibiotic-resistant bacteria, the NLS system can determine the most appropriate pharmaceutical treatment avoiding the need for a culture test. The speed and convenience of an NLS test let us start therapies immediately without having to wait for external test results.

  • NLS is a digital system to detect disease and health conditions
  • Produces reliable & repeatable results
  • 30-minute scans with the patient present or remote
  • Provides comprehensive screening test covering thousands of pathogens & health conditions
  • Detailed colour 3D imaging provides pinpoint accuracy, visualization of pathogens & disease
  • Uses technology developed for the space program 
  • Over 1,000+ pathogens in the database
  • Therapies including LythoTherapy, PhytoTherapy & Meta-Therapy

Order a full body scan and test with a treatment plan and detailed report

Price: €199 for a Full Body Scan & Report.

3. Zyto Testing & Therapy

Zyto offers both Testing & Therapies using galvanic skin response, the technology used in a lie detector. It provides detailed information about stressors and provides guidance on the best therapies.

The Zyto system helps us identify rare pathogens and conditions and then search for the best treatment protocol available. We are the only clinic in Malta & Gozo offering this service.

Price: €100 for a 1-hour Zyto scan.

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