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Degenerated Cells Therapy


Atlantis Clinic has many years of experience providing adjunctive therapies to patients with degenerated cells, a better name for a common condition that will strike over one in three people.

  • The BICOM system can detect degenerated cells
  • We have multiple adjunctive therapy options available
  • We are certified in the BICOM Bioresonance method
  • BICOM is one of the very few systems offering degenerated cells therapy.
  • We have developed our own treatment devices undergoing field trials
  • We can provide adjunctive therapies for degenerated cells
  • We collaborate with experts in Malta who understand degenerated cell therapy options
  • We are working with lobbyists looking to change the law in Malta to align with Germany where complementary therapies are provided by health insurance and government-funded health care.

I want a checkup

Our BICOM system can confirm the presence of degenerated cells from 6 months to 2 years in advance of most conventional tests. We can advise if the patient is at risk and if any additional tests are needed. We are trained and certified to offer BICOM testing. We also use the ZYTO system to support the BICOM test.


Our adjunctive therapies can complement allopathic therapy :

  • They can start before allopathic treatments especially if you are waiting to start treatment
  • They can support allopathic treatments by minimizing side effects
  • They can continue after allopathic treatments have been completed to help restore the immune function that can be impacted negatively by treatments.

In Remission

For patients who are in remission, we suggest a 6 monthly naturopathic check-up in the first 3 years following treatment followed by an annual check up from year 4.

Treatment Strategies

While there are many examples published in the literature of adjunctive therapies reversing degenerated cells, there is insufficient data available showing the success of complementary therapies on their own. There is no published meta-analysis of treatment strategies showing 5 or 25-year survival rates. We would advise any patient with degenerated cells to look at all the options available and to study the long-term survival rates before making a treatment decision. We are unable to influence or suggest any treatment strategy, the client will have to make this decision for themselves, supported by their medical team and a review of published data and patient testimonials.

We are happy to work with your medical team if they are agreeable to complementary adjunctive therapy. It’s important to know whether your medical team is open to a collaborative approach or not. If you are not sure, we would suggest a carefully planned discussion with your specialist.

Atlantis Clinic is working with the Maltese political lobbyists to improve access to adjunctive therapies and we expect this will lead to government funding for such treatments within a year or two. In the meantime, we are looking for foundations and charities that can provide financial support to families looking for adjunctive therapies.

Therapies Available

This is a selection of adjunctive therapies that we can help with :

  • BICOM Degenerated Cell Therapy
  • Scalar PEMF Treatment (to trigger degenerated cell death)
  • Plasma PEMF Treatment (Terrain Detox and condition-specific therapies)
  • Biophoton PEMF treatment – Our Own wellness system – Uses Infrared light
  • Zyto Treatment – US system with many therapies
  • Supplements, herbals & CBD suppositories
  • Diet Changes (Juicing and no sugars)
  • IV Vitamin C Therapy *
  • Hydrogenated Water
  • Ozone Therapy *
  • Hyperbaric Chamber
  • CBD (Prescription Based, high strength, custom formulated)
  • Collaborative Peer-based consulting – We work with experts from Malta, UK & Germany to customise an adjunctive therapy plan tailored to the client’s needs)
Plasma Phanotron Tube for PEMF Treatment
The new Ananda Biphoton PEMF Device (Rental)
BICOM Degenerated Cells Test & Therapy