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Skin & Beauty

Atlantis Clinic will soon be offering a range of services aimed at skin rejuvenation. Our clinic is currently undergoing renovations and as soon as this is complete, we aim to start this new service, subject to regulatory approvals.

See the following link for more information.

Infrared Therapy

Experience the health benefits of the Sunlighten Infrared Sauna at our clinic in Malta.

Please contact us to find out more.

Zyto Therapy

Optimise your health with a comprehensive health scan from one the of leaders in biofeedback.

Obtain your Zyto Biofeedback scan today.

Purchase a Zyto Scan online or make it a gift for a freind or relative or contact us to find out more.

Read more “Zyto Therapy”

Mobile App coming soon

We have started the development of a unique mobile application that provides health analysis using biometric analysis of your voice combined with AI deep learning triangulated with your symptoms and recent test results.

Key Features:

  • A mobile application offering voice & symptom analysis. 
  • Offers remote Healthchecks, consultations & therapy options.
  • Based upon the integration of existing proven technology with AI.
  • Includes both free and paid for testing features.
  • Offers on-demand testing initiated by the client. 
  • Aimed at people who wish to take control of their health. 
  • Our application uses three separate AI systems. 
  • Lets the client request Healthchecks & remote tests on demand.
  • Reports can be automatically shared with your MD or health advocate
  • Board-certified Medical Doctors can provide an online diagnosis.
  • Linked to selected online pharmacies.
  • Currently in development for Android & IOS phones.
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