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Atlantis Foundation in Malta seeking experienced Fundraising Consultants

Atlantis Foundation is looking for experienced fundraisers who can work from home or from our office in Malta or a flexible combination, both full and part time.

The foundation raises funds to supply equipment and to help clients suffering financial hardship obtain treatments.

We are looking for people with experience in the non-profit sector to help build up our fundraising operation from Malta targeting 40+ countries internationally.

Salesforce For Nonprofits

Consultants will help us in the following areas:

  • Fundraising planning. Help provide a deeper understanding of why donors give and strategies for raising more money.
  • Strategic planning. Guide our nonprofit through a thoughtful assessment to align goals with organizational values. Crate a bold plan of action to build fundraising capacity year over year.
  • Donor communications. The consultants will help your team create and implement an effective plan for communicating with constituents and stewarding relationships in the nonprofit world.
  • Board leadership. Strengthen and energize our board members to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.
  • Support our Director of Fundraising – He was responsible for implementing cuting edge fundiasing systems and AI automation at Great Ormond Street Hospital Childrens Charity in the UK.
  • Implement Salesforce Non-Profit CRM – We have adopted the Salesforce non-profit system, one of the best fundraising systems available, supported by DK Innovation, a global Salesforce Partner based in Ireland.

Our digital marketing team have worked with some of the largest organisations in the world on massive marketing campaigns, so we expect to be able to target millions of corporate, HNWI’s and households globally using the latest digital marketing an socuial media technology.

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Atlantis Clinic – March 2022 Update

Atlantis Clinic is a complementary health centre based in Mellieha, a small town in the north of Malta, offering advanced diagnostics and therapies from a team of seven health therapists.

To arrange an appointment or to discuss our services, please call us on +356 79429302 or visit our website at

Atlantis Clinic was launched by three partners who are supported by a team of therapists and doctors from around the world, providing a growing range of complementary therapies, supplements, and wellness products.

Chris Little, a partner at Atlantis Clinic, explained that with the advent of real-time digital diagnostics, ultrasound and 3D imaging, they can often identify a client’s primary health issues without having to wait for lab test results, likening it to the speed of digital cameras compared to film-based cameras, where you often waited days or weeks before the lab posted your photographs.

The team use AI-based diagnostic systems developed for the space industry to provide early warning of impending health issues, which lets us identify issues months or years in advance of an illness being detected by conventional means. 

Chris stated that Atlantis Clinic is one of the top Natural Health clinics in the world with a wide range of therapies including Bioresonance, PEMF, Hyperbaric Oxygen and FAR/NEAR Infrared therapy which stimulates the body’s healing ability and boosts the immune system to fight disease.

The clinic already has several doctors referring patients for diagnostics and this is expected to increase as the clinic expands and the digital lab reputation grows.  Chris explained that Atlantis Clinic is a specialist in natural health using frequency-based technology, supplements, herbs and diet adjustments and that they work collaboratively with a wide range of medical professionals. He explained that they perform a complete health check and lifestyle review for each client, looking at pathogen load, allergies, food intolerances, EMF pollution, exercise, diet, genetics, toxin elimination and other factors that can affect your health. Chris stated they also look at non-physical health issues such as trauma & emotional problems which they believe contribute to ill health in almost 50% of their clients.

Matthew Calleja, the youngest partner at Atlantis Clinic, explained that they look for the “root cause” of illness using six different diagnostic systems and that new equipment will be added to the clinic on a regular basis, further improving the accuracy and range of diagnostics offered.

Medical Tourism is set to explode in Malta

The Malta Tourist Authority (MTA) is promoting Malta as a Medical Tourism destination, an Initiative delayed by two years due to the COVID19 pandemic.  Atlantis Clinic is an approved supplier to OSA, a leading destination management company driving medical tourism into Malta.

Atlantis Clinic joins WICC

Atlantis Clinic is now a member of WICCC, the global chamber of commerce whose president, Dame Jane Chircop is also based in Malta.

The Atlantis Foundation

The Atlantis Clinic team will soon be launching a foundation to help those unable to afford their services. If you are able to donate, volunteer your time or provide support, please get in touch. 


Mobile App coming soon

We have started the development of a unique mobile application that provides health analysis using biometric analysis of your voice combined with AI deep learning triangulated with your symptoms and recent test results.

Key Features:

  • A mobile application offering voice & symptom analysis. 
  • Offers remote diagnostics, consultations & therapy options.
  • Based upon the integration of existing proven technology with AI.
  • Includes both free and paid for testing features.
  • Offers on-demand testing initiated by the client. 
  • Aimed at people who wish to take control of their health. 
  • Our application uses three separate AI systems. 
  • Lets the client request diagnostics & remote tests on demand.
  • Reports can be automatically shared with your MD or health advocate
  • Board-certified Medical Doctors can provide an online diagnosis.
  • Linked to selected online pharmacies.
  • Currently in development for Android & IOS phones.

Do you suffer from pain ?

PEMF Sound & Light Therapy

Experience the wonderful feeling of pain relief. Our own PEMF Crystal light system developed by the research team at Atlantis Clinic can help reduce or elimiate many sources of pain.

It delivers a range of therapies combining PEMF pulsed frequency therapy, gemstone activated light and binaural sounds delivering effective therapies for many conditions.

Low-Level Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields (PEMF) can be very effective in the treatment of stress, depression and general anxiety without the side effects that medications can cause. PEMF low level pulsed magnetic fields excite the brain’s neurons which allows them to dispense their own natural chemicals like organic Dopamine helping to balance out deficiencies and restore normal brain functions.

The Personal PEMF Gem Therapy “Serenity Plus” retails for €396 Inc VAT and is available to order from our website online store.


EMF Prevention

EMF Radiation health hazard reports are numerous and are backed by the scientific and medical community.

  • GEOSAFE – €400
  • EMF Blanket $42 Ebay
  • REGUMED Protector – 5G

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