Anti-viral Herbs

Anti-Viral herb – Andrographis Paniculata. The ‘King of Bitters’

if you don’t know, bitter herbs are potent anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-virals. We don’t consume enough ‘bitters’ in our diets.

Professionals working with SARS and MERS state they had good success with a herb called Andrographis Paniculata. In Thai, it is known as ‘Fah Talai Jone’. You can find the herb in most pharmacies and herbal supplement sections.

Details of its actions against Lyme Disease invaders


->rapid excretion via kidneys
->crosses blood brain barrier
->protects heart muscle
->potent modulating effect on mast cell and ->neutrophil activity: turns off inappropriate mast-cell allergic reactions in tissue
->enhances liver function
->significant protective effects against inflammation-mediated
neurodegeneration of brain, spinal chord and CSF

Other published positive effects:

->malaria (suggesting strong effect against Babesia)
->decreases heart muscle damage after MI
->Hepatitis A and B
->snake bites
->herpes viruses
->periodontal bacteria (gum disease)
->cancers: prostate breast colon anal stomach skin melanoma

400 mg capsules standardized to 10% andrographolides
+Start with 1 cap 4 times/day.
+Slowly increase to 3 caps 4 times/day.
+Stay on this dose till symptoms significantly decrease, then slowly decrease dose.
+Stop during severe Herxheimer reactions. 1 year

->andrographis LOWERS PROGESTERONE (natural contraceptive),
->pregnancy, and
->acute gallbladder disease

[edited to focus on the plant]