Executive Summary

Atlantis Clinic can remove allergies from patients with severe inhalation and food allergies. We have invested over 80,000 Euros in equipment and training to offer this service.

As part of our expansion program, we are planning to upgrade our systems to be able to treat more patients, with a wider diversity of allergies.

For clients with allergies such as dust mites and food preservatives, we currently lack the Test Kit Panels to be able to test and treat this condition. With the provision of a €20k business loan, Atlantis Clinic will be able to upgrade the clinic equipment to help resolve more complex cases. This proposal offers a treatment approach and funding proposal for a €20k business loan to allow Atlantis Clinic to purchase an upgrade to existing systems and then provide a service to a VIP client in Malta described here as “the patient”.

Bicom System – The #1 Allergy System

Atlantis Clinic uses the BICOM system which has been used for allergy therapy for over 25 years and has one of the best reputations in the naturopath market. Its also recognised to be the most expensive system on the market, beyond the reach of many practitioners. We are the only clinic in Malta with this system at present.

The Patient
The patient who needs help with allergies in Malta was the trigger for this proposal. Patient M has a complex long-term Pharma and recent Preservative & Dust Mite allergy. This has left her unable to eat many foods in Malta due to the use of preservatives in imported food.

The patient has recently required hospitalisation due to severe allergic reactions which are making breathing difficult. This is believed to be an anaphylactic immune reaction which is a severe life-threatening condition.

The patient’s allergy doctor was surprised to learn that she reacts to an allergy medication which he has never seen before.

The patient seems to be reacting to multiple chemical substances – This could be a condition called Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) which has some emotional factors involved that will need to be addressed as part of the treatment strategy. The BICOM system can test for this condition and this should be a priority.

Another condition, Mast Cell Activation (MCAS), will need to be tested as it can lead to allergies.

The test Ampule Medication Additives will help to reduce sensitivity to pharma medications which can contain preservatives and other chemicals (see list below)

The ampule Histamine will reduce the production of Histamine (natural anti-histamine) which will minimise the symptoms from allergens.

The preservatives sprayed on food and in pharma products that are causing an immune reaction can be tested and treated using the BICOM test kit below. We will need to identify the main allergen from this list and reverse it using Bioresonance from the portable BICOM system. This can be done at the patient’s home.

Atlantis Clinic Experience

The Atlantis Clinic team is trained & certified in Allergy therapy using the German BICOM method. The team recently treated a 19-year-old with a severe allergy to all forms of Chilli and 25 other foods. This required 10 x two-hour Treatments, one per week, to clear all her food allergies. The treatment was 100% successful & independently confirmed by a St James Hospital through independent testing. Eating a low histamine diet helped.

Actual Tracker Sheet used to monitor resolution of foods showing an intolerance.

Step 1

We propose to reduce the severity of symptoms to preservatives using BICOM therapy 843 which can start immediately, as we have this therapy available now.

We first check using the patient’s blood or in-person if this treatment is required. This will act as a stop-gap to reduce the symptoms of preservatives.

Step 2

We can TEST for food Intolerances & allergies using “Test Kits” from the BICOM system and then go on to TREAT the allergies using the same kits. A course of 6-10 treatments over 3-5 weeks is typical. The digital test kits will need to be purchased (licensed) from the German supplier before the treatment can start. This therapy can be given alongside any other medications provided by the patient’s medical doctors. This approach does not require consuming pharmaceuticals, herbs or supplements.

As a general rule, the more intolerances you have the longer it will take to resolve and the more treatments you may need. Initial testing will confirm how many substances the patient has a reaction to. The priority will be to reduce histamine levels to dampen the immune response and reduce inflammation while we address the “Primary” or main Allergen, as this influences the others, and will make treatment faster overall.

Past experiences show that 80% of substances causing intolerance/Allergy will respond (be cleared) in 4 treatments, leaving a few stubborn allergens left to clear, however, any reaction will be much milder and far more tolerable.

This treatment has a high probability of success and is expected to reverse 95%+ of all substances that cause an allergic reaction. There could be some childhood allergies (Dairy is typical) that remain a low-level problem for life.

For the Allergy treatment we would recommend securing the support of two specialists:

  1. German Naturopath Matthias Rudiger is an Allergy specialist who runs training courses on Allergy Treatment in the BICOM system. We would use him to provide peer review & guidance.
  2. Chinese Medicine Specialist Wang (Our Associate working at Atlantis Clinic) has a unique view of health. He runs a graduate training scheme and may spot issues that are related.

For the emotional factors involved with MCS we suggest a three-pronged approach using two of our most trusted associates:

  1. Whole Body Alignment – From our partner Sue in Colorado who specialises in non-physical issues. Remote Therapy over Skype – 3 hours. The price estimate is USD €300 TBC.
  2. ZYTO EVOX System. This system uses voice analysis to address deep-rooted issues. See flyer for more info available from Mark. This requires an upgrade to add EVOX which will need a funding loan. No charge for treament.


  1. The proposed plan is comprehensive with the involvement of five therapists and the purchase of several test kits. The Patient needs to decide if she wants to go ahead with the treatment approach planned below.
  2. Atlantis will need to secure a business loan for Test Panels / Evox needed for treatments
  3. The initial plan is to reduce the impact of Preservatives using the BICOM therapy program 843 Compensate intolerance to preservatives.
  4. Atlantis will test the patient remotely using an existing blood sample to work out the priority Allergen and a treatment strategy.
  5. Atlantis will visit the patient at home with the BICOM system twice a week. Include 1-hour travel time, two-hour appointment & 1 Hour teardown/rebuild equipment. Taxies will be needed. Expect 4 hours per trip. €125 per 4-hour trip/treatment @ 50% Discount.
  6. Atlantis will run one remote session per week for testing purposes.
  7. As soon as possible, the patient should come to the clinic to continue treatment. Lower price charged @ €100 per 2-hour Treatment
  8. Treatment Theta Therapy – To address emotional aspects
  9. Treatment with Zyto EVOX System – FREE Treatment from home. Expect 4-5 treatments that can be done alongside allergy therapy.

A detailed estimate is to be provided.

Business Loan

To make this treatment proposal work, Atlantis Clinic will need to arrange a business loan to license several BICOM test panels and a software upgrade to their ZYTO system to add the EVOX component.

Atlantis Clinic suggests that this is done by the way of a business loan to Atlantis Clinic to be repaid in 3 years with 5% interest. The costs are expected to be in the €15-20k range subject to negotiation with the two suppliers.

If MZT can help organise a business loan through his Scandinavian banking connections, or another method, that would allow us to move forward. We believe that Tony Coleiro (MTA) can arrange for a bank guarantee to secure the loan.

Test Panels

1. Food Additives

  • Antioxidants
  • Flavourings
  • Emulsifiers
  • Colourings
  • Preservatives
  • Acids
  • Fillers
  • Sweeteners
  • Separators
  • Thickeners
  • E605

2. Food Intolerance (680)

Food samples can be tested after the main allergens are dealt with. We will use both Zyto (500) and Bicom (150 Glass Ampules and 30 Digital Ampules) to be 100% sure nothing is missed. This is the most comprehensive and reliable FOOD test in Malta at present.

3. Inhalation Allergens

  • Grass, Hay & Weeds (6+)
  • Trees (4)
  • Flowers (10+)
  • Shrubs (5+)
  • Herbs (10+)
  • Pollens (9+)
  • Spices (30+)
Inhalation Strains

4. Allergic Strains

  • Allergy Strains (50) including House Dust Mite
  • Main Allergen – This works out the main Allergen
  • Mould – This should be checked due to the high prevalence in Malta from damp air hitting cold air-conditioned interior walls causing condensation and mould to form. Mould causes an immune reaction to other substances and can trigger MCAS and MCS.
Allergic Strains

5. Neurology

  • Multiple Chemical SensitivitiesIMPORTANT TEST
  • Medications AdditivesIMPORTANT TEST
  • Histamine – This is going to be too high and will need to be reduced. A low Histamine DIET is really important. This can treat to reduce Histamine.
  • Nerve Pain – These ampules test for and treat Acute and Chronic Nerve pains
  • Against External Influences – The Black Ampule is address Negative Entities / Dark Energy !!

6. Hormones / NT / Organs

These are important to test to make sure the human organism is balanced.

7. Vaccines, Metals & others

  • Multiple Chemical Sensitivities
  • Medication Additives
  • Preservatives
  • Vaccines

8. BICOM Therapies

The BICOM system has many Allergy Therapy programs, we will TEST to find the most suitable therapy program.