About Remote Healthchecks & Therapy

Here is the science of why remote distance therapy works.

It’s all energy and quantum entanglement.

Michael Faraday discovered the relation between electricity and magnetism which became faradays law of induction. It is a basic law of electromagnetism predicting how a magnetic field will interact with an electrical circuit to produce electromagnetic force or voltage.

James Maxwell describes the fact that a spatially varying electrical field always accompanies a time-varying magnetic field. Maxwell was also able to describe the propagation of light which unified not only electricity and magnetism but also light.

Nikola Tesla invented the AC generator which allowed a wide distribution of electricity. He was known for turning on a coil of his own design (a tesla coil) standing on a platform electrode and his body got wrapped in the glow created by the high voltage.

In all of these cases, there is a gas discharge appearing as a glow around the grounded object.

Semyon Kirlian develop their own technique after observing a patient who was receiving medical treatment from a high-frequency electrical generator. This was popular at the time and they noticed that when the electrodes were brought near the patient scan there was a glow similar to that scene in an electrified tube filled with neon.

This is how Kirlian photography came about by placing the photographic film on top of a conducting plate and attaching a grounding conductor to a hand, leaf, or another part of the plant. When the plate was energized by a high-frequency high voltage power source the resulting image showed a silhouette of the object surrounded by an aura of light. They want to experiment and report that human energy fields were affected by numerous factors such as ingesting alcohol performing yoga and hypnosis. They confirmed that the changes were most dramatic when experiencing different emotions.

21st Century PEMF Gaia principal, planet earth is intimately linked by wide band electromagnetic communications with all of biological life. Humans are like radio receivers that are tuned to the exact same frequencies and energies that exist on this earth these frequencies are mainly within the 0 to 50 hz range from the Geomagnetic field and Schumann resonance.

The Schumann resonance is the energetic heartbeat of the earth, it’s a very complex interaction between the earth’s neutral atmosphere and the sun’s fully ionized charged waves. 7.83 Hz is the earth’s fundamental note.

The geomagnetic field radiates hundreds of thousands of miles into space and acts like a nurturing mother both protecting and energizing life on earth. Think of the magnetic field lines like guitar strings, this geomagnetic frequency is generated by the core of the earth.

Sisken and walker noted that a PEMF frequency of 2 Hz stimulated nerve regeneration 7 Hz can be used to stimulate bone growth 10 Hz can promote ligament healing.

Dr. Zimmerman used squid technology on Reiki healers which demonstrates that they emit a magnetic field in the range of 0 to 50 Hz with the predominant frequency at the Schumann resonance.

In the zero field studies done in very low and shield environments, Rutger weavers bunker studies found out that when you shield all the body from the earth’s natural PEMF all kinds of health problems happen.

Dr. Nakagawa coined the term magnetic deficiency syndrome.

NASA and the Russian space program have equipped their spaceships and suits with the Schumann or magnetic Field generators to stimulate the conditions on earth

Lorenz‘s chaos theory when a butterfly flutters it wings in one part of the world it can eventually cause a hurricane in another

Dr. Otto Warburg says that cells maintain a voltage across the membrane which is analogist to the voltage of a battery. He quantified the voltage of the cells to various disease states and health to he found that healthy cells have voltage from 70 to 100 mV with a heart cell having the highest up to 90 to 100 mV. Cancer patients displayed the lowest voltage at less than 15 to 20 mV.

There is so much energy in space called zero point energy. Space allows us ever-present bountiful vacuum energy to flow without resistance, super conductively space also allows information fields to flow.

You can think of the biofield as something that is dynamic constantly changing renewing and rebuilding it’s kind of like a water fountain when viewed from a distance, when you view it from afar it appears to have a static form, but when you move closer you see that the fountain is flowing self-regenerating and self-renewing

Non-locality, we are aware that energy fields of different individuals interact when people are near one another each one’s EEG patterns reflect in the others, in quantum physics terms their patterns entrain

Singularity is a point in which all physical laws are in distinguishable from one another where space in time is no longer interrelated realities but merge indistinguishably and cease to have any independent meaning.

Communication infrastructure is provided by networks and biophoton light they travel and settle physical structures related to acupuncture meridians these optical structures transport light data throughout the body just as digital information streams through fibre optic cable

In the quantum world, there is no such thing as matter. It also states that the smallest subatomic particles are not material but a field of information The function of our entire metabolism is dependent on light. Dr. Fritz Popp Five bodies of consciousness the physical, vital, mental, Supra mental and wholeness (bliss)

The understanding of how psychological and emotional processes can manifest disease and symptoms in the physical body allows for the practice of a true quantum medicine.

Scalar or electromagnetism is the effect of stress or modulation of the ether, capable of generating space-time distortion

Physicists Akimov and Shipov 1996 have recently discovered the existence of rotating fields known as torsion fields these fields are not classical and have a scaler nature of information fields the chakras can be torsion fields capable of receiving and processing information from the most subtle fields.

The first law of thermodynamics is energy cannot be created or destroyed, energy can change from the second law of thermodynamics disorder entropy is increasing energy, transformations proceed either spontaneously or more ordered to less ordered, less stable to more stable energy dissipates as heat.

Back in 1935, Albert Einstein and colleagues hypothesised that quantum theory predicted a remote linkage between particles, called quantum entanglement.

Quantum entanglement is an offshoot of quantum theory that says certain properties of a pair of particles become linked together in such a way that if you measure the value of one of them, then you instantaneously know the state of the other, even if they are separated by cosmic distances.

Quantum entanglement also makes quantum teleportation possible. Without entanglement, it’s not possible to copy a quantum particle, because observing it will change the particle’s properties into a specific state. But quantum entanglement can transfer the state from one particle to another without altering it.

This is like a small-scale version of a Star Trek transporter, though real teleportation makes a remote copy, scrambling the original, rather than moving it into the state of the other, even if they are separated by cosmic distances. Quantum entanglement has been demonstrated to be true many times.

Even outside of the lab, quantum phenomena are occurring all of the time. Any interaction between matter and other matter or light is a quantum process. All electronic devices rely on quantum phenomena, and even the sun wouldn’t work were it not for the probabilistic nature of the location of quantum particles enabling hydrogen nuclei to get close enough together to fuse and produce energy.

There is also increasing awareness of quantum processes in biology. For example, photosynthesis, used by plants to generate energy from light, seems to use quantum effects to channel energy to the appropriate part of the plant.

One group believes that this has already happened. In 2016, Dr David Coles of the University of Sheffield and his colleagues sent light bouncing across a narrow gap between two mirrors, through green sulphur bacteria.

The experiment was devised to study photosynthesis, but when subsequently analysing the data, a group led by quantum physicist Dr Chiara Marletto at the University of Oxford discovered evidence that molecules inside the green sulphur bacteria had become entangled with the photons of light.

Research courtesy of Becky Koots-Kimbley