Super High Magnification Microscopes

Our sister company MEDTRAC has designed two super high magnification (SHR) microscopy products ranging from 9-24x magnification.

These products are ready for licensing and volume manufacturing.

1. MEDTRAC 24k Super High-Resolution Microscope

The first product is a complete microscope offering 24K magnification. Proof of Concept stage. An ultra-high 24,000x magnification light microscope device suitable for home, school, university & medical/scientific lab use.

When launched, this will be the lowest price super high magnification light microscope on the market. There has already been over €250k of Investment in the R&D phase of this project.

Retail Pricing expected from €30,000 per unit depending upon specification.

Licenses are available for third parties to manufacture this product under their own brand name.

2. MEDTRAC – 9k Super High-Resolution Microscope Extender

The second product extends an existing microscope up to 9k magnification. A low-cost way of entering SHR microscopy. Ready for manufacturing. Suitable for home, school, university, scientific & medical lab use.