The implementation of 5G internet technology and its effects on human health have never been studied. Wuhan, China was the first city to roll out 5G, the first city to experience the Coronavirus epidemic and the first Chinese city to establish an experimental bio-pathogen lab.

Is there a link between 5G frequency waves at the Oxygen absorption band of 60GHz and the sudden global onset of the viral pandemic? https://www.researchgate.net/publication/340166697_Is_there_a_Link_between_5G_Internet_Frequencies_and_the_Corona_Virus_Matters_of_Discussion?fbclid=IwAR3LfmJ3os6iuP3xEffWCFOlVMKjESIM6YDznpjcUw1QDWWhw4qPQjojo2I

Is it true 5g 60 ghz is absorbed by oxygen ? Yes. This explains the short range only suitable for last mile communications.


How does 60 ghz affect the oxygen molecules ? It causes the electrons to spin in the wrong direction leading to a lower absorption of O2 in the blood haemoglobin in the lungs which causes oxygen starvation and increased Co2 levels. This is similar to the affects of high altitudes on climbers where lower oxygen levels exist.

COVID levels are more severe in areas with higher densities of 5g however other factors like temperature, humidity and sunlight are also factors increasing transmission and virulence.

Are satellite 5g systems increasing global 60ghz EMF levels ? Yes Several US companies started deployment of 100’s of 5g backhaul satellites in Jan 2020 allowing 5g base station deployment without the need for fibre backhaul. It’s assumed 5g satellites use highly focussed pencil beam antenna arrays to maximise energy on the areas below the satellite geostationary orbit where 5g backhaul from terrestrial base stations are located.

Hospitals are early adopters of 5g. Ventilators have 5g installed to aid communications within the ward allowing monitoring and alerting.

The Majority of patients placed on ventilators are not surviving.

NY doctor Cameron Kyle Sidell who is dealing with severe Covid-19 cases stated patients on ventilators do not have typical symptoms of pneumonia and suspect other causes. He believes oxygen starvation may be the cause.

Have safety tests been carried out on 5g ? Answer: “No that would have delayed rollout.” There are 2000 published studies that say 5g is harmful.

Are Coronavirus symptoms the result of terrestrial and satellite 5g deployments from Q4 2019 ? There is a growing body of evidence building up that supports this argument.

There are no safety tests to show 5g is safe so we’re basically taking part in a live global trial that will establish the impact of 5g.

Are 5g base stations being deployed globally during the lockdown affecting 50% of the world ? YES

Why would the authorities deem this to be an acceptable activity to perform during the lockdown while other businesses are closing down ?